You Are Essential!

Allowing for some grace as a society in that we did not know what we were doing and made most of this up as we went along...but the government nor any central entity should ever be permitted to deem people or businesses as “essential” or “nonessential”. History will prove a huge fear based over reaction and governmental overreach to corona. Remember those models “millions will die!” And remember “we don’t have enough ventilators!” You could follow the fear based reactions chronologically for this event right to present day. As soon as one fear mongering “fact” was proven invalid another would be thrust out! Its not so much letting the virus run its course as letting the fear run its course. Even with a basic understanding of evolutionary biology, population biology, ecology and compensatory mortality one is equipped to critically review each fear based assertion. For me my basic rule and personal watch dog is to immediately be mindful when anything tugs hard at my emotions, particularly the fear receptor in my ancient monkey brain! I constantly train and feed this watchdog. I dont really need him to “attack” all we need is for him to bark! To remind us to stop, take a breath and ask real questions. When we succumb to fear we surrender everything, including our rights as free citizens. When we question fear the opposite happens- We invite strength, courage and wisdom in. We make progress. When we submit to fear we as a society go in reverse. Feed your watchdog. Thats where it starts. Practice, practice, practice! Catch the moment! There are little ways to practice each day. Shocked by the sudden view of a spider?- catch that moment, ask is this really a threat? Will I die? Learn what species of spider it is. Learn the species life history. Is it a dangerous spider or harmless? Do that instead of posting on social media #spiderlivesmatter (Now if your mind goes immediately to "He's comparing black people to spiders!"... here is your opportunity to feed your watchdog!).

Do the hard inner work to train your fear watch dog. If we all do this we as a society will never again allow the gov, a king, or a ruler to deem someone or their vocation as non-essential again! Work on yourself! The warrior mindset faces fear. You are a warrior. You are essential. Never let anyone or anything outside tell you differently.

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