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Updated: Oct 13

Seems like another whistle blower pops up in the media everyday, whether on social media platforms or more traditional ones. I've noticed with this more recent rendition of the practice they love to throw out "teasers" of a big revelation to come. Often its teed up as something "earth shattering", "blowing the lid off", "expository", "deep corruption", etc. Whether its "60 Minutes" or "Project Veritas" they both promise big revelations and often start those promises a week in advance of the actual "break". All in all its very tantalizing to us peasants out here in the trenches. They love to attack things we distrust such as big pharma or big social media or big government. Very tantalizing!

But alas, more often than not, the big revelation these "brave" whistleblowers bring forth often turns out to be not so earth shattering. In other words often my reaction is like "no shit", we all knew that already! Despite this I think the "Whistle-blower technique" for breaking news will continue. Its a new genre in news media, with a "reality TV" feel to it. It seems real and more believable than either the legacy media or random crapp on social media. Particularly when the whistle blower sacrifices their job! Now this is not to throw shade on actual whistle blowers like Snowden and others... for sure there have been some real ones. But I think now we are seeing a bastardization of that once virtuous act... by well... paid actors. And by the time we figure out its all time wasting BS they tee up the next big reveal... the newest whistleblower.

Why is this all so tantalizing??? Because when we shed light on the shortcomings of others it lets us off the hook! Its the most common weak ass move out there! Its why so many people run to this whistle blower media garbage. And I predict the media will continue to use the whistleblower technique.

Which got me to thinking. In my personal practice of personal responsibility, stoicism, faith and growth... am I exercising my inner whistle blower effectively? I mean in a real, true and functional way. Am I truly blowing the whistle on greed, laziness, shortcuts, procrastination, lust, decadence, etc???

I want to be a whistle blower! But instead of pointing out all the faults of the government, big tech, big industry, the school system, the sick care system, etc.... I want all my whistle blowing to be at myself. Let me break down how this works-

When I see corruption in the health care system instead of blowing my whistle at that... I will blow my whistle at not getting enough sleep... or eating some form of processed food... or skipping exercise. Those are things which I can work on to not care about the sick care system. When I see censorship in big tech I can come right here to and write/post anything I want! I can point the whistle at me and say, "well then work on your own tech and make it uncensored!". When big government is rife with corruption I can point the whistle at me and say "what can I do in my job to go above and beyond the call of duty for both the tax payers and my country"?!

I have a ton of whistle blowing to do. So many times I catch myself not being my best. Not living up to my God given potential. Setting limits on what and who I can be as if I have no faith at all. BLOW WHISTLE BLOW! My goal? Do so much whistle blowing at my daily life that I have no energy, time, or focus to spend on big pharma, big gov, or big industry.... or other people.

I have way too much stuff to work on right here in my house! What can I do better in my relationships? In my finances? In my career? How can I be more physically fit and healthy? How can I be true to all the gifts that I have been given? How much time am I wasting on my phone/gadgets? How much more could I be if I imposed a little more self discipline? Am I living like I won't ever die? Am I being too casual? Am I making excuses or placing blame somewhere? For real! Am I prioritizing my life correctly? Am I working towards legacy?

I am challenging myself to always have an inner whistle. Sort of a silent dog whistle to the outside world! But a very loud one inside my house! To have the same zeal to hold myself accountable as we all seem to have to hold other things accountable. Because when I shift the focus to me and what I need to be doing I also shift the power back to me. And that is an amazing feeling. Blow whistle BLOW!

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