What the?

So far on this new journey of mine... I have migrated away from social media, started my own own blog and now a vlog. This is all new for me. But that is what is so exciting to me, leaving some old, worn out, bad habit routine and pioneering into something new. Shake it up.

I have been reading all the "how to" advice on creating a blog/vlog/website

. All the internet gurus say my blog/vlog and website should be very focused to attract loyal niche followers. But attracting a huge following to monetize this site is not my chief goal. My goal is to have a place where I can store my memories and share them with family and friends. And... there is no way I could stick to just one interest! I love so many things! So today let me tell you a little more about me and what this will be!

First I have a ton of interests! Eventually I will organize these blogs/vlogs into categories or pages. Here are some of the likely categories to come! --

Health & Fitness- keto/carnivore diet, exercise, sun, sleep, supplements, etc.

Stoic Philosophy- I love stoicism and its lessons

Wildlife biology- ecology and ecosystem restoration

Flying- cross country flying trips!

Florida Man!- My family arrived in FL in the early 1800s and I love my home state.

Hunting, Shooting, Archery and Fishing- tons here but all leads to great whole foods.

Family- raising kids as a divorced dad!

Parachuting- I am a member of an Army Parachute Demonstration Team.

Leadership- leaders who inspire me

Toyota 4Runner- love my vehicle

Hiking, Backcountry Backpacking, Mountaineering, Travel!

Plus much more! So sorry blog/vlog internet gurus.... this will not stick to one niche interest! I am ME! And this blog will reflect that special craziness that is Steve!

Embrace your craziness! Have a great day!

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