What Happened to the USPS?

Back in my day.. Here we go again! LOL! The US Postal Service had a brave ethos wherein they made a solemn declaration "Neither hail nor snow nor rain shall keep me from my appointed rounds"! You could always depend on life, death, taxes and the mail back in the day. But something happened.. while I was out living.... the postal service turned to total hot mess garbage.

I always choose Fedex or Ups for any important mail or package to send now. What used to be a respectful position- to be a US mail carrier is now a bottom of the barrel job and place to work. Of course there are still some good folks working at USPS but they are exceedingly rare... and even more rare is any kind of respectful ethos in that organization!

I have two really exceptional USPS mail carriers at my Florida and Kansas house. But... I also have some losers who fill in from time to time. None of these are temporary workers but all full time USPS mail carriers. The two exceptional carriers happen to be female... the loser ones just happen to be male.

Yesterday I had a package out for delivery and was passed up by one of these worthless male carriers... because... my vicious miniature golden retriever Sandy dog was outside! Seriously! This mail carrier is a 30 something year old male, a supposedly grown man. He should turn in his man card and USPS credentials immediately! Meanwhile a FEDEX delivery woman bravely confronted the mongrel to heroically deliver a package to my front door! FEDEX and UPS never fail... USPS conversely rarely comes through!

I am not sure what happened to the USPS? But I can say for sure it has done a total 180 straight down the toilet from what that organization was in my younger days. Like many things in life... things have now become the opposite of what they should be. USPS losing mail, grown men derelict in the most simple of duties, no pride or sense of ethos in even the simplest missions and worst of all no shame in their performance. I will ask this male letter carrier today what happened yesterday when the mini golden was out and he will simply quote some USPS BS policy of "we do not have to deliver if a dog is out, I don't make the policy sir". To which I will reply "and you don't have to be MAN anymore either but you should be ashamed and you are not!".

Now before some of you go all "orange man bad" and blame the current USPS performance on Trump... the reality is this org has been in a total free fall plunge for decades. I am not sure if it can even be reformed or brought back at this point. It would take a heroic leader and effort akin to the Lee iacocca rescue of Dodge in the 1980's and honestly I am not even sure that will do it. No it's probably beyond what even Lee could do... but maybe not beyond what a good woman can do! My women mail carriers... just do their damn job. And if we could get that out of the USPS, if we could work in that simple ethos... well that just might save the US mail!

Now excuse me while I make a phone call to complain to the local post office... yep I am that old dude now!

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