Viral Update!

For those of you who actually enjoy data and science with little or at least less propaganda... I encourage you to follow Ivor Cummins on youtube. I actually started to follow him many years ago as his original intent was to debunk the cholesterol myth and promote low carb/high fat animal fat diets. Indeed his handle is "Fat Emperor" as he was way out in front in encouraging a high fat diet.

Of course Ivor is not immune to making correlations as causation but he at least employs it with a different perspective. Often the opposite perspective of the fear mongers. He speaks to me because I took it serious back in Sunday school when they read to me- "For God did not grant you a spirit of FEAR, but of POWER, LOVE and SOUND MIND. I believe that and practice it!

I am grateful for people like Ivor and love to hear all perspectives. Hopefully youtube will not shut him down. Here is his latest update-

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