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Just a quick blog to share some updates on the website, blog and vlog. I have been doing some reorganization here at these changes are primarily to safeguard the privacy of myself and my family. Starting today all of my pictures, videos and vlogs will be behind a firewall for "members only". This move is not to attract members or gather an email list. So if you are not a member take a moment and do that- its easy and free. (for now the blog will remain public for anyone to read)

And for fun! I will be doing a random drawing... very random. It won't be scheduled and it won't likely be for anything valuable! But I will do these for things like t-shirts, caps, keychains, stickers, cups, etc. So to be eligible you must be a website member.

Some of you have asked for a vlog component with each blog post and I will try to work those in. I understand watching/listening is sometimes more convenient. So I will try to do more vlogs to compliment the blog posts as I can. Again none of this is to gain followers or build my site... as I have mentioned many times this website and blog is primarily for me to journal my thoughts, communicate and share with friends/family and for my own self development.

As these changes take affect I have 45 members, I expect this will grow but understand if you are already a member you will immediately have full website access. In the past I would post my vlogs both to the website and my youtube channel. I will continue this practice but very soon I will no longer post to youtube. All the social media giants have disgusted me as I have been censored many times. I have been censored for atrocities such as a video of my daughter and I working with her 4H project cattle. And of course many of my hunting videos are cancelled or labelled with dumbass warnings. Meanwhile people can shake/twerk their asses naked and sell drugs on these platforms... that is totally ok.

So continue to follow me here... I am also now on Rumble where I will continue to post videos/vlogs uncensored. The Chinese might take Hong Kong and even Thailand but we must not let them take America. We are truly the world's last hope for freedom. I wish I could have just stayed on facebook, youtube and twitter like in the old days. I didn't want to go through this extra work and expense to have my own website... but I refuse to be censored for the good stuff I do. Because I still believe I am an American.

Today's vlog can be found on my rumble channel and here-

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