The divisiveness we see in America today is not new though the volume and delivery is perhaps more pernicious. With highly technological methods and better access to our minds by outside actors intent on dividing us.. this evil is better equipped than ever. Echo chambers, algorithms and communist trolls manipulate our thoughts without most of us even realizing it. The end result is everybody hating everybody. Former liberals hating liberal actions, in other words behaving very "conservatively" and Christians chanting "Lets go Brandon" (a euphemism for a phrase no Christian should ever revel in).

I have been prey to all of these manipulations myself. Sometimes falling into one camp then the other on the same day! But despite this in my heart I still love all people... I still believe all people really want and cherish the same basic values. It's simply the governments who wish to divide, separate and exploit all of us.

All of this makes me think of the very first political cartoon in American history. The disjointed snake cartoon first created by Benjamin Franklin and published on May 9, 1754. At that time the American colonies were very divided and indeed hated each other. But the point of the cartoon was the need to unify or die to the British. Today I feel we find ourselves in the same set of circumstances, divided and about to fall to the Chinese Communist Party. The CCP has already bought significant influence in everything from the NBA to what is produced in Hollywood. They are beginning to run our social media both thru trolls, hackers but also thru outright control via corruption. They are the mafia over not just a city or county but over the world.

In the spirit of that original cartoon I have made a new one highlighting the urgent need for us Americans to unite or die! I will drop links to tshirts and products here in this blog and you can also simply post the cartoon.

Link to products-

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