Top Buzzword of 2020!

Every era has its buzzwords... they come and go. The current era is all about being virtuous and techy... with some great buzzwords to signal one's own virtues and technical prowess. Words and phrases like "toxic masculinity", "fake news", "mainstream media", "the new normal", "influencer", "content", "collusion", "BLM", "eco-friendly", "I take responsibility", "augmented reality", "5G", "blockchain", "defund the police" "multi-cloud", "hyper-aggressive", "sustainability" and on and on and on!

With all this it might seem difficult to pick just one Top Buzzword for 2020! But have no fear your intrepid blogger here has put in the time and done the research to step forward with the #1 Buzzword for 2020! Ok so I didn't really do any research... just been a white southern male, some would even call a "white elitist" (yet another 2020 buzz phrase).... living in 2020! What is research now anyway??? All that means is someone "googled" something! Or for me I duckduckGo it!

So here it is....THE TOP BUZZWORD OF 2020....... INCLUSIVE!

Awww "Inclusive" a word IN 2020 with such great connotations of love, respect, tolerance, community and temperance of self. Everyone wants to be inclusive. I want everyone to read, love and enjoy my blog writing for example! I want to accept everyone as a fellow human.

Unfortunately once in practical use "inclusiveness" quickly pivots and like the Incredible Hulk transforms into a giant, green, hideous exclusivity monster! Here is how the process goes down-

  1. It starts when the least "inclusive" segment of a population starts spouting the word "inclusive!"... Yep it's those college educated whites again! Sipping their lattes from comfy suburban environs or trendy upscale downtown shops... scratching, clawing for some way to justify their miserable existence wherein they provide nothing of real substance for humanity. So they inflate their exclusive bubble with words like inclusive.... The opposite of what they really are to placate the guilt, doubt and ever present self-loathing their worthless existence really is.

  2. So ok... I was a bit hyper-aggressive with #1. "Spouting" is an action word. Not really what is going on. Its more like "tweeting" "instagramming" and "signaling"... because none of it is REAL. The word inclusive is never used in the real, literal sense... For example whites with BLM yard signs never have blacks living near them but only in the community for lawn or maid service. If they saw a black person in their backyard they would immediately dial 911. You see its not about "action" its about "signaling". In fact a BLM yard sign is as REAL as buzzwords get. At least that is something tangible you can touch!

  3. The inclusivity animal then quickly pivots to exclusion. You see its really not about including everyone but more about excluding those who don't think like I do... The ones that scare me. And the scariest person is who they really are on the inside. Its all about that inner voice of self loathing constantly reminding them they are not inclusive. So they pivot... they evangelize and bully pulpit all about "inclusiveness", its really saying- "I am privileged but because I want everyone else to be is then ok for me to be privileged". Its a straight up meaningless cop out. It is a release from inner more than that.

Those who are truly inclusive rarely use that word. The word is also rarely uttered from those in poverty. But guilt ridden wealthy elites on trust funds use it copiously. Ironically it's a concept absent from the very communities they wish to "include". A sure sign of a guilt ridden person is profuse use of the word "inclusive"... and of course actual signs such as BLM, All are Welcome, and Science is God.

Where Buzzwords Go to Die!

Of course we are all susceptible to buzzwords... I am no different and often fall for them too. Buzzwords are so sexy and smooth... until... the point....of...... EXECUTION. The point of execution is the moment buzzwords die an instantaneous death! Its when the makeup comes off and the push-up bra hits the floor. Its where the marketing ends and action begins. Its when Jared Fogle from the old Subway Sandwich commercial takes his shirt off and we realize he is actually an out of shape sex offender... and it was all a totally false narrative. It's the OPPOSITE.

I watch for that inflection point all the time... the moment the buzzwords die. Execution. Buzzwords sell but seldom execute. Why? Because buzz words are the opposite of tried and true values. Indeed they are themselves fear based excuses, nothing more than a reason NOT to actually execute. But excuses are soooooo appealing. They offer an easy way out. They often masquerade as the quick silver bullet. They are the junk food of values. Buzzwords offer an easy option while execution conversely requires- determination, grit, resilience, patience, self discipline, hard work, sweat and perseverance (not sexy buzzwords).

Here are some examples which might help you perceive the Point of Execution-

"Defund the police" ends immediately when YOU dial 911. The Point of Execution

"BLM" matters but not as much as me and/or my kid. The Point of Execution

"Inclusive" applies except with my stuff and money. The Point of Execution