Too woke? It's the Adderall!

We live in an America which is much too "woke". Where a comedian doing exactly what comedians have done for eons can be completely banned because... instead of making folks laugh they get "triggered"! It seems everyone has a hair trigger! For the non-shooters reading, a "hair trigger" is a modification to a firearm which allows for an extremely light trigger pull, typically resulting in much better target accuracy.

What would make an entire nation too awake, too sensitive, too alert, too easily triggered, too WOKE!? In less than 20 years? ABUSE OF STIMULANTS. Duh! The insane reactions we are seeing on social media, University campuses, urban centers and the mainstream media are at least partly fueled by prescription drugs. I was in error blaming most of it simply on the use of social media. While social media is a huge factor... I realized... WAIT, I have used social media since its inception but have not joined a riot, protest march, political movement or hate speech or even signed a "" call to support the insanity. Nor do I get triggered by comedians! Nor do I want to shut down free speech! Or scream orange man bad!

Social media coupled with prescription drugs, poor sleep, the standard American diet, tribal bubbles and probably some good old fashioned alcohol abuse takes your typical college student and citizen to a new level of "wokeness".

I did a very short google search on this and found reams of research journal articles, news articles, blog posts etc, describing this phenomena. I was for the most part naive to all of this... over here getting my fix with bulletproof coffee! LOL! I never thought anyone would need anything more than bulletproof coffee?!

Back in my day illegal drugs were bought through shady "drug dealers" and were generally concocted in backwoods labs or grow operations. Today virtually all the stimulants and opiods are made and sold by big pharma with big medical pushing them out. Your neighborhood doctor is now the "drug dealer". Big pharma straight up compensates doctors to push their deadly wares. This would have never been allowed 30 years ago, where even a television ad for a drug was illegal! Seth and I were watching a college football game last weekend and every commercial break was someone talking about their "condition"... weird shit too, like something in their lower digestive tract, or some crazy syndrome I had never heard of. (Side note- college football season is the only time I have network tv on). After the prescription drug commercials (at least 2) the next ones were triple-taco-doritochip-supreme taco bell mega to go box, then Dr. Pepper.... With a short community service type announcement from the NCAA promising to fight the epidemic of racial hate, then back to the game. Correlation???

I personally recall a doctor pushing a statin on me because my cholesterol levels were "creeping up" when I was in my mid 30's. Her advice made it sound like a heart attack was imminent... did she have my best interests in mind or was she working to meet her quota? And/or would the report write up be longer if I did not get a statin recommendation from my visit? Likely both. The "system" is corrupt and has turned doctors with good intentions into drug peddlers. This has turned me for a 180 and I now seek out "Functional medicine type doctors" way more than your everyday md drug dealer. When a prescription is the first option be very leery!

The papers and articles I found on a quick google search are crazy! With the uptick in Adderall type stimulant use at as much as 700% in some population segments. 700%! Where is the oversight? The oversight is non-existent due to the level of corruption and control big pharma has on the political system and the healthcare system.

Here are some links if you want to learn more about this total insanity fueling the WOKENESS!

Now to my second cup of bulletproof coffee.. will switch out the MCT shot for grass fed butter or maybe even ghee on this cup! Stay awake but not woke!

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