The Yoke of Fear

In 2012 I made a DECLARATION... part of it included cutting the cord to satellite/cable TV. It was scary at first mostly because I was concerned my kids would never want to be at Dad's house...since he had no tv channels! And I had this underlying feeling that I would in some way be "missing out" on things. But my adoption of a streaming on-demand tv format proved to be a wise move for me and my little fam.

Overall this 2012 declaration was based on not allowing others or outside sources to have undue control over my mind, my time, my sense of well being and general life focus. In one swoop it eliminated commercials, news, fear-mongering, negativity, politics and most global catastrophes! It was a definite improvement to my daily life. (AND HAS SAVED ME ABOUT $9,600 SINCE!)

As time went by however the purveyors of fear adapted... as more and more people opted away from cable tv and only allowed on demand sources in their homes. The fear mongers simply pivoted to social media and mobile platforms. They sneakily worked their way back into my life!

With the onset of Covid19 in 2020 this pivot was overwhelmingly evident. As the year progressed I found myself bombarded with negative, scary, fear mongering. Again it seemed benign at first and I mostly shrugged it off. But as the year progressed and it became more and more ridiculous I knew it was my responsibility to make some changes. Along with Covid19 was Election year 2020... this greatly exacerbated the virus and the fear mongering!

In the early days of the virus caution and concern was indeed warranted and all measures to prevent spread of the virus were prudent. But in time we learned more about the virus, particularly its lethality, the sectors of the population most affected, associated co-morbidities and treatment protocols. Perhaps most importantly the index comparisons of All Cause Mortality began to shed light on the actual additional deaths this new virus brought to populations compared to previous years. Then by July we also had several studies with actual serum-antibody test data to begin seeing the overall exposure vs. death. Some areas expressed a 23 times higher actual infection rate than what was shown via "reported cases". ALL OF THIS IS VERY GOOD NEWS! We learned so much... and... the actual death rate of this contagion is likely close to 0.3%-0.7%... much lower than we feared or was initially modeled. Of course even 0.01% is not good and any death is bad... but it became obvious this was not ebola! While it is highly contagious... it is not highly lethal.

With all we have learned I assumed things would gradually creep back to some form of normalcy. Unfortunately that is not the case, indeed things seem to be somehow getting worse? Stopping the spread is a fools worry now and the fear of overrunning the health system is unfounded. Yet the fear seems to be stronger now than in the first quarter of 2020? I predict this fear will be paramount until around November 4th! Fear will always bring forth a "backwards" focus and lack of clear, strategic thinking. Couple this with an election year and you get the perfect storm!

The yoke of fear is heavy on so many people. Is there any escape? Is there any way to bring forth clear thought? THERE IS!

Make a PERSONAL DECLARATION! A great way to start is to simply say I REFUSE TO BE FRIGHTENED AND CONTROLLED! I will not be manipulated or directed by outside sources who do not have my best interests at heart. Sensationalism to gain clicks does not serve me! Fear mongering to rally voters is not in my best interest! I REFUSE TO BE A PAWN! I take full responsibility for my health both physical and mental!

Cast off the yoke of fear! DELETE social media! DELETE news feeds on your mobile device! DELETE cable/sat media! ENGAGE nature. ENGAGE whole foods. ENGAGE friends. ENGAGE exercise. I guarantee if you are completely honest with yourself you will agree these are absolutely the right things to do. BUT IT TAKES GUTS! Nothing with great reward comes easily.

When you reach the clear blue skies of no social media, no news, no politics, no fear mongering... it is all worth it! TRY IT TODAY! What have you got to lose? You can always rejoin those things on November 4th!

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