The Truth Train

Some love my blog, others hate it and many more could care less. I have found the practice of blogging to be somewhat therapeutic and much akin to journaling. It helps to take a few moments to centralize your thoughts and to arrange them in a somewhat logical format which a reader would need to make sense of your craziness. Having penned well over 100 blog posts now perhaps I could add "blogger" to my list of skills or hobbies?

With blogging I can share ideas, personal events, thoughts, and my values. In a format much more complete than snippets on social media. With our country so divided now I think it is important for each one of us to write down our core, basic values. For I believe we would find many of them to be the same regardless of political persuasion, race, religion, sexual preference etc. For example I would bet most people reading this are PRO- free speech, religious freedom, rule of law, equal representation, the bill of rights, right of expression, free to eat your own diet, etc....

Probably over 90% of Americans share the same basic core values and beliefs. However those who seek to divide for personal power and/or profit will never focus on our commonality. Whether it be politicians like Trump or Biden or industries which profit greatly from our passions. This includes many churches and pastors! And the NRA/BLM! If they can stoke the fire and fan the flames of emotion they will go there every time! As a registered Independent and frequent voter for the "loser" candidate and infrequent donor to the offering plate... I discipline myself to resist the emotional bandwagon. The bandwagon runs on conspiracy theories and rumors... whether its the train called "Russian collusion" or the train running on "Stop the Steal"... I just don't jump on those trains. When in the train station I very carefully look at each train... looking for my preferred train... THE TRUTH TRAIN.

The truth train is sort of drab. Not cloaked in a robe or flashy in anyway. It is just a plain train. It also is very quiet not blaring it's whistle or puffing steam all the time. One way to spot it quickly in the station is to look for the loading dock with no line of people to board! A ticket to ride on the truth train is also FREE, which surprisingly makes it less appealing to the majority! The truth train has just a few rules to ride however... basic stuff of course. Stuff we should have learned in grade school. Like if you do not have proof don't spread it... this is called "rumors". If it's not nice then don't say it. Treat others as you would wish to be treated... But the main rule is to not run on emotion and fear, but to look for gratitude in all things. The truth train runs slower than the other trains... sort of clunking along on its fuel of truth. The truth train can be a very boring ride actually. Old folks tend to ride on her a lot. While the other trains have small porthole windows, relying more on LCD screens in front of each seat to entertain and inform... the truth train has expansive, large windows, through which you mostly watch birds and natural scenery as the train slowly creeps forward in time. The truth train is the oldest train on the line and it rarely gets or needs an update.

While riding the truth train in 2020 I noticed most passengers were not quick to don surgical masks and if they did it was only in crowded cars like the dining car. Most just kept looking out at the scenery as it slowly passed by... faces content and hearts full of gratitude. Conversations on the truth train don't tend to be about politics so much as about friends, family, hobbies and a central theme of long term faith in God, Truth and Justice. Indeed on the truth train in 2020 you would not even have known it was an election year or that the world was in the death grips of a pandemic. Since the truth train moves slower you simply take one day at a time, one moment at a time...using each as an opportunity for gratitude. I am grateful for the large windows on the truth train, as we do not have cable tv, satellite dishes or wifi. Reading a book on the truth train is also most pleasurable.

Folks on the other flashy, faster trains laugh at the truth train when they roar past it. They remark how ignorant and uninformed the truth train passengers must be. Ironic isn't it how in actuality the folks on the truth train while maybe not "well informed" on current events are very well informed on long term truths?! On those flashy trains the truth is subverted, even demonized to carry the message of the day... a message steeped in fear and division. Another important thing to notice about all of this... the truth train is headed in one direction... while all the flashy trains such as the Trump Train, the Biden/Harris Train, The NRA Train and the BLm train are all going the opposite direction. The flashy trains have a very curvy track and can sometimes derail in disaster... while the truth train follows a very boring but straight path.

Everyday we start each day in the main train station... in Germany they called it the "Hauptbauhnhoft" (I am certain I spelled that incorrectly). This morning as you pick your train take a little extra time and closely peruse the station... if you look close enough you will be sure to find the truth train. It is always there. Sort of by itself and looking rather drab. It can be a lonely train as you board it may just be you... you will notice the cars are not crowded. However once we get rolling I am sure you will find the journey enjoyable. Everyday is an opportunity to board the truth train, to show gratitude and to celebrate commonality. ALL ABOARD!!!!