The 3 Principles

There are 3 principles I have strived to employ which have always served me well. If I stay focused on these 3 principles it keeps me both grounded and on track. Three basics that suit me in any situation or circumstance. Basics to memorize, indoctrinate, inculcate, live, breath, wake up to, go to bed to, instill into your being. These are deep character building principles... for me I must do these 3 things to truly move forward. I practice them, inculcate them deeply into my persona and as the author of my story I weave them into my life's story. It's the HERO story and it's there in all our lives. Squash the naysayer in your head, win that fight and awaken the HERO within.

The difference between people who are winners and losers is not talent, money, trust funds, what they have materially, what their skin color is, it is not a magic formula or privilege.... it is CHARACTER.

Character... human spirit.... always says--- "I will take personal responsibility".... "I will take action".... "I will never quit... I will find a way!". 1, 2, 3.


A mature self actualized being does not blame, make excuses or settle for average. They assume total responsibility for every circumstance they face in life. Assume full responsibility for every facet of your life... do not look towards outside sources to "make things ok". In this pursuit most of what average people do begins to make no sense at all! Things such as politics, political movements, social media affirmations, virtue signaling, being in the tribe, chasing fame, trophy houses, trophy spouses, money or toys. Taking responsibility means facing and more importantly accepting you are created in the image of the creator and ARE NOT AVERAGE. You defame God when you accept average and use that as an excuse to not be at your full potential. Nothing about you is average. Do not eat average food, do not have an average exercise regimen, do not watch average tv, do not read average garbage, do not hang around average people, do not inculcate average blaming, excuse making dogma. Realize where you are is not your parents fault, your teachers fault, your ex or spouses fault, your bosses fault, your skin color or background.... where you are is 100% your own doing. But the joy once you face this... you realize it is also 100% in your control where you are GOING in life! Change your thinking, flush the whiny ass dogma of the mainstream, and watch your life transform.

2. Take Action!

First change how you think... flush the dogma and tune your brain to a total personal responsibility paradigm. THEN TAKE ACTION! Start with basics sleep, diet, exercise and what your brain is consuming. Take full responsibility for these life basics and then take action. None of these areas should be average. Wear a fitness tracker, track your macros, incorporate HIIT at least 2x a week, take a class on Skillshare or youtube, read and closely study heroes and leaders in history. Avoid processed food, late night Netflix binges, social media, tinder/bumble, politics, the news, weak people, and anything or anyone average. Add to your resume. Add to your fitness routine. Add to your knowledge. Do things the average never do. Humble yourself as a lifelong student and do not be afraid to learn something completely out of your area of expertise. Become physically sick of anything average and do the opposite. Bad relationships? 100% your fault, take action. The average stay in bad relationships because they are scared, that is also how they got in them! First write your Hero story in your head then MAKE IT HAPPEN! Visualize then DO!

FIGHT! Wake up everyday as a fighter, a warrior. I am not talking about fighting people... I am talking about fighting the inner naysayer, the one who wants you to settle for average, who wants you to rest in blaming and excuses... enter this fight with adrenaline... I WILL BEAT YOU INNER NAYSAYER!

FIGHT the one who says your are too old, too young, too inexperienced, too poor, too isolated, too dumb, not smooth enough, or any other inner naysayer voice.

Are you going to use the next set of circumstances to make an excuse to quit or settle? OR are you going to use them as a stepping stone towards improvement and character building?

Recognize them as here to help you... take full responsibility for them... THEN TAKE ACTION!

AND do not apologize to anyone for wanting more for yourself than average!

You are not a product of what happened to you... YOU are a product of what YOU decide to BE.

Make no excuses, take action on the basics then keep going!

3. Never Quit!

"N is for Never Quit" was a refrain in an Army running cadence we sang often. I still sing it. The greatest single trait of all winners, leaders, successful people.... they all simply refuse to quit. I may lose battles but I refuse to lose the war because I will not quit. I pledge to not stop and to outlast anything which might be in my way. This is sweetest when life has you against the ropes, when you are flat broke, divorced, homeless, facing loss and/or disease, lost your career or job, alone, far from home, and no safety net in sight! The one who faces this and perseveres is the winner no matter the outcome!

Of the 3 principles this is the most difficult perhaps but by far the most important. In some ways it can be the easiest though... this is not technical... its just determined. Fail a class? Take the class again. Dumped by your love? Get back out and date better. Lose your home? Get two homes. People ridicule you? Shut them up with your consistent non-wavering action! Its one word "outwork". Keep at it. It's nothing sexy its just steady, consistent, stone cold determination. The never quit mentality is the hallmark of true character. This person keeps working when no one is watching, when they are alone, when it seems hopeless, when there appears no way out, with no external encouragement. This mentality refuses to be defined by anything external to themselves- I will not be defined by my ex, my culture, my place of origin, or even my DNA alone! I define myself! I write my story!

I continue to work on these 3 principles in my own life. Basics which can always be refined and tuned to keep me on track! Notice these are all 100% inner work. Its all about that inner voice, that inner dialogue. You are the author. It's not a quest for perfection but for growth and improvement. A quest to face my weaknesses with responsibility and not excuses. A mindset to not be afraid of my manifold weaknesses but to instead invite them in and have a face to face conversation with them and to fight them!

To further enshrine these 3 principles into my life I have taken the time to write my own personal CREED. Soon I will devote some of my blog towards the formulation of a Creed and how I went about putting it together... and more importantly WHY I think penning your own Creed is a very good thing to do! I have written my Creed and I will also commit it to memory. All in an effort to inculcate solid principles into my daily life and inner dialogue. I am grateful for the 3 principles and the revelations they have brought to my being.

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