T Flags and Lawn Signs!

I recently made a drive across the high plains of Kansas and Colorado a journey right through the very heart of our country. The road trip started in eastern Kansas and finally ended in central Colorado at the town of Aspen. I have made the trip before but only a few times.

The first time (1991) was with my girlfriend and wife to be (I didn’t know it at the time)… we made the drive over from Ft Riley Kansas where I was stationed in the Army almost 30 years ago. Since then I have maybe done the drive 4-5 times.

However this time, aside from the normal monotony of driving in a very straight direction for 380 miles something was very different. As I crossed the very rural high plains I was struck by the sheer number of Trump flags and some rather elaborate re-elect Trump displays. I saw one field which had probably 75 T flags all along the interstate… all lined up in a row. I saw a school bus which had been positioned alongside the highway painted up with the Trump 2020 logo and of course T flags on top of it!

It was like someone had set up a 3 ring circus out in the middle of no where!

One T sign read- “TRUMP 2020 FUCK YOUR FEELINGS!”

More than a few big rigs hauling freight had T flags and even the TRUMP 2020 Logo painted on the side or rear of their big trailers. One even had a painting of Donald Trump as in a caricature form of RAMBO complete with belt fed machine gun! I really could not understand that one? But it covered the entire side of this big rig semi trailer!

One semi trailer had both Trump and Pence images painted on it…larger than life!

Large billboards had also been rented either by the official Trump campaign or by individuals to be emblazoned with the TRUMP 2020 logo. I felt like these were grass roots and not official but I guess you never know? I wouldn’t think west Kansas or east Colorado would be a great political battleground where lots of campaign resources would be invested???

I even saw farm equipment working the fields alongside interstate 70 with T-flags a flying!

A very large old hay barn had been totally painted red, white and blue to pop the white paint of the TRUMP 2020 logo.

The whole thing with the profanity, tasteless paintings, bright colors and cartoonish presentation gave a feel of some big WWF circus road show coming soon to a town near you! It was like Trump and this Pence dude were two wrestlers coming to put on one heck of a show!

Pure showmanship.

There was one thing however I did not see for those first 380 miles…. not one mention of who Trump/Pence was running against or who they would be smack down wrestling… If I had no idea I would not have known.

Seriously…. NOTHING. Crickets and tumbleweeds.

Until I drove into Aspen! First I was met with a flashing DOT warning sign trailer at the city limits…flashing this one message—— “MASK UP”.

Abruptly upon entering Aspen PROPER the T flags were totally and completely gone! And now I noticed something totally different… a totally different marketing approach- LAWN SIGNS.

Yes you read that right… lawn signs… I shit you not! These things were everywhere and if a resident had no lawn they simply hung one in their apartment window.

One thing I noticed with the lawn signs vs. the T flags… they were not as direct… sort of more general. With broad statements such as “Love is Love”. When I read this one (it was one of the first I saw) I remember thinking… “yep love is love”.

The next lawn sign I saw read “Science is Real”…. again I was like “yep science is real…heck I am a scientist!”.

Another read “No Human is Illegal”…. again I was like “Makes sense it is not illegal to be a human!”... heck I am a human! But I am not sure I need to say that on my lawn sign?

Mostly there were BLM signs though… that seemed to be the most popular. Which I found a bit amusing as I did not see any black folks on the sidewalks or anywhere else in Aspen for that matter! Heck.. as far as that goes I did not see one single black person on the entire 2 state trip! NOT ONE!

It was about this time I finally saw a Biden/Harris sign. But only a couple… the lawn signs with the short sayings seemed to be way more popular than campaign signs.

Some neighbors were really working to outdo others by having all of these “sayings” on their sign.. sort of a word stack in columns of different colors. Folks with larger lawns were able to have multiple signs…

There was one thing however I didn’t see in Aspen… NO “T” FLAGS OR TRUMP SIGNS! Had I not known I would not have any idea who Biden was running against in Aspen!

I really don’t understand either end of this ridiculous, dumbass dichotomy—— Trump is a disgusting slobbish, twitter using egotist AND BLM lawn sign support by elite whites living in a town with 24 times the median national income where the only ILLEGAL humans are the ones allowed in town discreetly from 11-4pm to do the lawn service, refuse collection, road work or construction.


The entire drive back as I experienced this disgusting freak show in reverse order I just stared out my car window trying to understand it all. Asking myself “America how did we get here?”. For over 8 hours I contemplated that thought.

It was 8 hours of wasted thought time! All I came up with is the negative impacts of social media, 24 hr news networks, poor diet and lack of exercise manifest at a population level. All as I drove across the largest natural biome in north American completely destroyed to produce 2 GMO grain species and soy.

They say when you get old you just don’t relate to the world anymore…its been coming for me for a long time. Keep your T flags and your virtuous lawn signs… my American flag is what I have flying and I am grateful for it. The only lawn sign I have is the one supporting our local Humboldt Cubs where my 13 year old daughter attends class, plays volleyball, cheer and track. For all of this and everything I saw on my trip I am eternally grateful. Grateful to have the real flag on my house….Grateful to have a real yard sign…Grateful to not be a weak sheep… but an independent STALLION! SO GRATEFUL! FACT CHECK TRUE!

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