Summer to Thrive!

Happy June 1st! The unofficial start to summer! 2020 is moving right along and we are closing in on the halfway point with 5 months behind us. To say 2020 has been surprising or challenging thus far would certainly be an understatement! I would call it "unpredictable".

If nothing else 2020 has been a reminder to always be ready! One of my most treasured qualities in a person is "adaptability" or "versatility" or "resiliency" or "determination", all the same thing. It's that ability to take on whatever life throws at you and not only survive but use it to thrive!

What is it that makes some folks thrive while others hide in their home overcome by fear? Some people smile and keep moving while others spiral quickly into despair.

What is it? Its 99% attitude. The external stimuli is the same for both people, but one sees it as opportunity to grow while the other sees it as an immediate excuse to quit.

So do not focus on what is happening... focus on how am I reacting?! How can I do better? What is the hidden gold nuggets in this? How can I grow? The bigger the mountain the bigger the opportunity for glory!

Pledge to be that smiling person who keeps moving!

I maintain a 1 second everyday video journal. Its a great app (1SE) which helps to remind me to focus on what matters! I pledge to do the important things everyday. To be better. To grow. To improve. To be the best I can be, measured only to who I was yesterday. Have a great day, month, summer and 2020!

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