Strong Emotions are Often Strongly Wrong

With time I have learned to be wary of strong emotions. Time after time they have steered me wrong. Strong emotions are things like fear, hate, revenge, vengeance, jealousy etc. The most cunning in our society use these human emotions to their advantage. So now my critical thinking skills kick in anytime someone is provoking those deep emotions within me. Be wary of the news media, politicians, social movements, religion, psychopaths and the like. Take a moment and stop. Ask if it is real and/or does it matter. Ask if this is someone or something trying to garner support either by loading the bandwagon or their bank vault or both!

This past week provided plenty of examples. This first one is for you Trumpers. Trump launched a big press conference/announcement where he vowed to sue the pants off facebook, twitter, youtube, and more. He mentioned suing them in the state of Florida. Of course this is all total bullshit. For one thing when you sign the license user agreement with these tech giants you agree they cannot be sued except in their home state of CA and/or in Federal court. So on the get go this entire proposal by Trump is preposterous and totally phony. But watch... just like so many times before he will get donations from every corner of the country into his Org... this take on the tech giants! Of course less than 2% of the millions of $'s this brings in will actually go to that cause. He has done this over and over. I am amazed at how a crook can run the same game so many times. Anyone can do a quick study of his previous schemes whether it was to build a wall, put Clinton in jail, stop the steal or whatever... every time it was a phony scheme... with the only outcome to pad his org with millions of $'s. How can a crook do this over and over in broad daylight??? Skillful use of emotions... and a psychopathic drive to dominate without any remorse for the folks you are bilking.

Whether its abortion, the war on drugs, the war on terror, white supremest, BLM, or the big one CORONA-KILLER, these psychopaths will continue to take advantage of folks with low emotional intelligence. It doesn't matter if they have a (D) or an (R) after their name... they are all grifters. Early on in the pandemic some real doctors (those who actually doctor patients) found success using Ivermectin. Ivermectin won the nobel peace prize 7-8 years ago and has saved millions of lives as an anti-parasite drug. It has been around for over 40 years and is very safe. But... the problem with Ivermectin??? It is past its patent and now less than $1 a dose. There is no money to be made.

If you go back in my blogs you will find I dedicated an entire post to Ivermectin. Early in the pandemic. I shared this blog on social media but it was blocked! Why would that be blocked? Because if a curative agent was available the Emergency Use Authorization to rush a vaccine into production would not have been issued. And the pharmaceutical industry would not have made any money. It is that simple people.

Ivermectin would have saved millions of lives. But profits trumped grandma. The media, politicians, government agencies and tech giants were all in on this. Youtube pulled down any evidence to include Congressional testimony which touted the used and success of Ivermectin.

Ivermectin would have immediately squelched the main tool.... FEAR. It would have most likely rendered Covid-19 extinct. It would have pulled the rug from all the greedy politicians, big pharma, big tech...

So all you folks who follow along with the "narrative" shame on you too. Notice the narrative is never about true healing. It is always about fear and continued reliance on pharma and gov. It is never on self actualization or real health. It is as anti-science as one could be... it is pro- propaganda.

Science is not narratives... science is continually questioning and allowing your findings to be openly questioned but never censored. Propaganda is always narratives and the censoring of dissent. It is so easy to see and in this day and age of the internet I cannot believe how gullible and easily led the majority of people can be. Despite all our tech and information advances basic human emotions still run the day. And as in all of history the clever will run the weak.

So how do you fight this? Stop... and question your emotions. Be especially cognizant of FEAR. I pretend there is a vicious watchdog posted at the entrance to my brain. He sits up front just above and between my eyes. His only job is to watch over any stimuli which might provoke a strong trigger to my emotions. This trigger could come from media, a coworker, a boss, a lover, a friend, a family member, a religion, another car on the road, the weather, whatever.... No matter where it comes from my dog's job is to alert! Once alerted I start questioning this thing- "Are you real?" "Where is the data?" "Where is more data?" "Does this even matter?".

My trump example from this past week is a good one. I loathe the big tech giants, primarily due to their censorship behaviors, such as with Ivermectin. That one example of censorship probably resulted in the deaths of millions. So I was excited to hear about Trump's fight to sue them all! But that rise in my emotions alerted my watch dog! He BARKED! ...just before I went to send money to trump! Thank you loyal watch dog!

I love my watch dog. I feed him and give him lots of love and verbal affirmation. Cultivate and feed your own watch dog. Name him. Make a special place for him. I call mine Kujo. He is a total badass, part German police dog, part wolf, part hyaena.... He hates the psychopaths who want to take advantage of my basic human emotions. He hates anyone and anything who wants to control me... whether it be a person or sugar. He is a maverick, a stallion... he is not afraid to go anywhere at anytime and to put it totally on the line in pursuit of his dreams. He gives no fucks about viruses, white supremists or any other tool of the fear mongers. Kujo dines on a diet of meat, animal fat, eggs, oysters, fish and the like. He lifts weights, uses the stairs and does pull/push ups. I spend a lot of my time with Kujo.. it helps to have lots of alone time as he does not come around other people. Other than this blog post no one else has ever seen or heard of my Kujo dog.

I encourage you to work with your own internal watch dog. Stop... Question.... Kick out. Anytime your emotions are triggered... cue your watch dog.

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