Spring and Clear Thinking!

Spring is one of my favorite times of the year and spring time in Florida can't be beat. Mostly clear days and bright, pleasant mornings are the norm in the sunshine state from late February right through April. The blooms of redbud, dogwoods and azaleas along with all the roadside wildflowers make for a downright gaudy scene. All of this is even more dear to my heart when you factor in what spring is like in other parts of the country... like Kansas. Spring in the sunflower state is the worst... it's just more cold but with rain, snow and tornadoes! (but Fall in Kansas totally blows Florida away, to be fair!)

One of my favorite things about the spring is time with my kids. We have made some great spring break memories over the past decade. With a week in Florida almost always the plan we have done everything from parasailing at Daytona Beach to swimming with manatees at 3 Sisters Springs. And of course we always work in some spring turkey hunting! This year being no exception! Except for one... Kansas State University decided not to have spring break due to covid schedule changes, so for 2 straight years now I have not had my son available for spring break. Yes that makes 2 spring breaks now completely ripped away due to a cold virus. Mind you... I still did everything I would normally do throughout the covid madness, at least for personal travel. Why? Partly because I DO NOT WATCH CNN, FOX OR MSNBC or any other fear factory media. I have not had cable/dish tv since 2012 and when you cut that off your life changes. My media consumption now comes from books and podcasts (mostly independent ones).

Along with a complete abstinence to mainstream media I have continued to develop my own critical thinking skills. In this new era of witch hunting, cancellation, emotional triggering and book banning I have really noticed how fear and emotion are being used. More and more all the time it seems. Just look at the focus today- racism, immigration, covid, mass shootings, masks, cops gunning down blacks, health only through the disease care system, economy, guns, sex, stolen elections, etc. The use and exploitation of "emotional triggers" abounds. I firmly believe modern humans are more susceptible to emotional fear exploitation due in large part to our modern diet of grains, sugar, vegetable oils and processed foods. When I switched from a diet of low fat and high carb eating to the opposite- low carb and high fat (LCHF) one of the shifts I experienced was in my thinking... my brain... indeed the metabolism of my brain went from one of high glucose metabolism to more ketone metabolism. So a large part of my critical thinking skills development in the last several years has been jumpstarted simply by going to the OPPOSITE diet.

With clearer thinking my ability to notice emotional triggers then call them out in my head has vastly improved. I am no where near perfect mind you... but way better than at any other time in my life. When I hear "kids in cages" or "Asian hate" or "stolen election" or "take our guns" or "pandemic" or "healthy whole grain" or any other BS... my first question is IS THIS REAL? Is it in front of me and real at this moment? Or is it something being used by someone else to manipulate and control me? Is it a tool to sell clicks and keep me focused where the advertisers want me? Is it being used to make money? Media is not journalism... media is a tool to make $. This simple fact is one reason I have shifted to podcast delivery and books. Fortunately many podcast guests are pushing their books... but not pushing ads.

I am so happy and grateful for spring. I am so happy and grateful for a LCHF eating habit. I am so happy and grateful to have a low fasting blood glucose level, low triglycerides and low A1C (for the first time in my adult life). I am so happy and grateful not to feel "snacky" every 30 mins. I am so happy and grateful for whole foods. What else?

I am so happy and grateful for-


Florida Spring

Great friends

A new job opportunity

200 more Nesting Posts installations

1,250 more long leaf pine trees planted this week

Successful spring turkey hunting with family and friends

Sandy the dog

Spring chicks

New growth

a podcast I found on Indigo snakes

My current reading "The Case for Keto" by Gary Taubes. "The Seminoles of Florida" by James W. Covington. "The Cracker Barrel" by Eric Sloane.

a cabin in the woods

birds singing

long hikes


and so much more.

What are you happy and grateful for? Look for those things... they are never mentioned in the media so do not look there! Focus as much as you can on what you love! Do not focus on the fear or the purveyors of fear. Love is the key. Focus on what you love. Do this and your world will instantly change. It's an old secret.

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