Some Days YES and Some Days NO

In the low carb/keto community there are extremes just like with any other cult! Many fanatics preach sticking with as close to zero daily carbs as possible, while others allow up to 50g daily with some going up to 75-100g daily. It is generally accepted that <20g daily is Keto, around <50g is low carb and 50-100 is moderately low carb. One commonality with all these approaches is the "type" of carbs... it's again common practice to say no to any refined carbs or pure sugars... so adding carbs in is typically in the form of whole foods like sweet potato, avocado, nuts and certain fruits.

Practicing keto myself now for over 2 years I have found it very easy to stay low to zero carb. Once you get the sugar monkey off your back... And with generous help from Stevia and electrolytes! However in my practice I try to not stay in the extreme all the time. So depending on the activities of the day and week I will go up towards the 50g carb intake on certain days. If I am zooming and microsoft teaming with a few emails and phone calls in between I will adhere to the Keto regimen... but if I am framing a house, running a chainsaw and really hitting the jumprope HIIT routine I might turn my carb dial up a bit. Thing is when I turn the carb dial up my muscles and liver are thirsty for glucose!

Again its important to remember the carb dial is not there for bread, milk, and cookies. I never eat these anymore. Well I do make some keto cookies and occasionally purchase a keto friendly cookie for on the go use! My point here is... some foods are always off my list now... particularly grains and liquid dairy (with the exception of Heavy Whipping Cream). My body just does not like grains... instant total body arthritis is all I get from grains. They are just too inflammatory for me.

The point here in all this is learn what works for you. Sure you might need to adhere to a strict elimination diet in the beginning to turn the corner... but learn to feed your machine properly once you get on track. There is no one size fits all diet for any person or even for any day! Just try to eat foods your 4th great grandparents would recognize and use carbs as a dial you can turn up or down as needed. Keep it simple, keep your pantry simple, keep your grocery list simple. Simple, whole foods are what we evolved to eat! Our ancestors ate a HUMAN diet... meat, fish, eggs, cheese, and some plant foods... and only an occasional fruit in season... and once in a great while some brave human would bust open a honey bee nest! But not a DAILY honey bun!

Keep it simple. Know your body. Be you. Don't buy the food industry dogma and big pharma nonsense. Simplify all of it and be truly free. Do not be a slave! The sun sets free on those that are free!

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