Social Media Done Right

It took over a decade but I have finally dialed in my social media approach. This means it serves me and I don't serve it. I initially went into social media as a true "social" tool meant to foster real relationships. Of course it did precisely the opposite. At best it kept me in touch with distant relations and at worst it strained my closer relations. It is not a social or relationship tool for existing, daily relationships. So now I have an opposite approach where social media is for information, research, learning and business first... not relationships.

So here is how to do it!

  1. Inform true friends & family of your intentions

  2. Delete completely Twitter... total garbage.

  3. Delete all current social media accounts with your name and information after backing up all your media from the account.

  4. Create new IG and fb accounts under your pet's name or a long deceased relative.

  5. Do not include personal info such as location, sex, DOB, education, job, etc.

  6. Closely control friends and followers... no more than 25 friends on fb and only known followers on IG

  7. Use this account to control your business, projects and group pages.

  8. Aggressively join all your hobby and special interest groups. Follow projects and companies of interest. Post on these group pages with most of your posts, not to the general feed.

  9. Join and participate in local marketplace selling if this is a service or part of your business model.

Do this and you will immediately have a social media feed which is ONLY what you want to see or what serves you. It actually works very well. The only real information the service has is your email address if you do this correctly...and your mobile number for a backup... but this info is not shown publicly.

Your feed will be magically curated with excellent information and not garbage. Oh and one more thing, turn off notifications. Trust me it might be painful at first to make this change.. but once you come out the other side you will see the light!

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