Set Backs? Good!

Stoicism reminds us to look for the good in set backs and obstacles. They are actually a critical step to reaching true success! Recognizing set backs for what they really are is very important and a discipline in and of itself! I have been working to become better at saying GOOD when I encounter set backs or obstacles.

This is the key first step... instead of complaining, moaning and groaning.... smile and say GOOD. In so doing you have already captured the gold found in these incredible opportunities. 2020 has been such a blessing for me as it continues to hurl set backs and obstacles towards me, towards all of us. This have provided extra practice for me to self discipline... to react and recognize these as GOOD.

Don't wait for a decade to elapse so hindsight can finally reveal how a set back was GOOD for you! Practice digging deep into the set back now and using creativity to pull the GOOD from it!

Global pandemic? GOOD, I can focus on my own health and immunity to make myself as strong as possible to better care for myself, my family and others. I know a healthy immune system are the best steps I can take to protect myself and stop the spread of the contagion... not hand sanitizer and masks!

Schools closed and kids missing education? GOOD, I can use this extra time with my kids to teach them valuable life skills... I taught my daughter auto mechanics, vehicle servicing, land navigation skills, finding cardinal directions with only a stick, I taught both my kids exercise and health related skills to build immunity, and more!

Social Media Erupts into Insanity? GOOD, I canceled my social media accounts and stopped wasting time there. I started my own website and learned how to build a website... then a blog... then a vlog. I am improving real communication and technical skills. Less time on social media platforms is GOOD.

What great setbacks have you experienced in 2020? How will they be setups for success for you? Practice greeting set backs with gratitude! Give thanks in advance for all the good to come from your struggle blessings!

Remember, Setbacks are setups for SUCCESS!

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