Science is not a religion, indeed it is based in a paradigm the opposite of religion. It is not based on blind faith or "consensus" but on critical thinking, constant testing and retesting. Unless you are trying to sell something or control societies through propaganda.

In today's society too many have lost true religion and have adopted so called "science" as the cross they will die on. These are mostly non-scientists. Most have not even a basic science education and certainly not an advanced degree in the sciences. They could likely not even loosely describe the "Scientific Method". Or if they are indeed scientists they are knowingly using science as a propaganda tool for some underlying social cause.

Unlike, it seems the majority of humanity, I do not spend any time online viewing porn. None. Never. Its not that I am on a higher moral plane than others... when it comes to sex I am a participant not a spectator. Sex is not a spectator sport for me. Same with hunting... I never or very rarely watch hunting videos... again it is not a spectator sport for me. Indeed neither of these are a "sport" to me either but a life process, such as eating or sleeping. And I resist attaching morals to life processes in due bounds unless you are Jeffrey Dahmer or Jack the Ripper! So I spend my time on alternate media such as podcasts and youtube videos (usually videos of podcasts!) trying to learn, grow and discover.

One of my fav pods is The Fat Emperor. It started as an investigative expose' of the worn out government/health dogma of eat "low fat"... but with Covid19 has shifted to expose the propaganda now blowing up using this virus as a tool. This access to alternate media and real scientists (not journalists) is perhaps the greatest thing about the internet. Not free porn.

I will drop a link to just one of many of these episodes... things never played on the mainstream!

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