Right and Left

Some folks just have a way of stating complicated issues with great clarity. Like Chris Rock! I have always identified with his perspectives though they come from a satirical delivery. He makes me laugh but at the same time I say "Hell yeah! Exactly!". On politics Rock gets straight to the point as is normal for his style. He reminds us that right wingers and left wingers are IDIOTS! And in my opinion the more steadfast, staunch and dogmatic one is right or left, the bigger the idiot! Political/Social yard signs, bumper stickers, tshirts/hats are a convenient visual reminder of the idiots in our daily life.

I make no distinction of adding the "idiot" moniker between the "BLM" yard signer and the "take my gun from my cold dead hands" yard signer. Idiots. Those who send actual money/campaign to such emotional trigger causes?, well even bigger idiots... that is moron level stuff. Does this make me mean spirited? Perhaps, but I suffer a disadvantage living in today's world. See... back when I went to college we were schooled where the greatest benefit of higher education was CRITICAL THINKING SKILLS. Thus I suffer from a critical thinking mentality and I cannot break it! As Rock would say... There are some things I am right on (crime, free speech, strong military defense, non-porous border ) and there are some things I am left on (civil liberties, minority rights, free but smart med, no drug war).

How do you think critically? Some of us could use some practice in this skillset and apparently it is no longer taught in higher ed. Here are 5 steps each of us can employ and make the world a better place-

Step 1- Be very wary of emotional triggers and fear mongering... particularly when the media or preachers use it! (fox/msnbc).

Step 2- ask is this real? verify, verify, verify

Step 3- Still unsure? Be patient to rush to judgement or concern. See how this shakes out. examples: Election stolen?- see how it shakes out in court decisions. Voter suppression?- see if there are actual court cases and rulings in present day. Systemic racism?- look for system wide statistics or cases.

Step 4- continue to verify, verify verify

Step 5- Humility not dogmatism... keep any findings malleable as you likely don't have all the information know matter how much you have researched it.

So before you become a tool and let some greedy entity take your emotions, money and energy....THINK. Resist primal urges to tribal up, instead be an individual, mature human. Do not join those teams. I am a registered INDEPENDENT for a reason! I am on team Steve. And I don't want you on my team! I want you on YOUR team. I want you to enjoy your own individual insights, perspectives and principles... and I want to enjoy them too. THIS IS WHAT MAKES OUR COUNTRY STRONG. Celebrating each individual and allowing each person to fully evolve into their own, individual human potential.

But... political orgs, churches, and even your employer most likely do not want you to be an individual. Why??? Because mavericks are so hard to break and control. How do you break a maverick? FEAR. Beware anytime you hear someone sharing a fear story. I keep a make believe watch dog at the gates of my most treasured inner sanctuary... this dog's one job is to bark very loud to me when he encounters a "fear mongerer". Cold virus mutants, 4th wave pandemics, coming for your guns, Bill Gates ruling the world, poisonous vaccines, white cops hunting down blacks, do this or be thrown in a pit of fire, send us money immediately!

I could keep writing but no matter how much I expand on this topic I could never explain it as clearly as the great Chris Rock. So take a watch of this video from over a decade ago and remember to THINK!

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