Remember 9-12-2001?

All of us who were around remember exactly where we were on the morning of September 11, 2001... we also remember what happened almost immediately the following day. I remember American flags waving every where on 9-12-2001! Almost every vehicle had an American flag sticker. The country, the world,

instantly united like I had never seen in my lifetime. How were we able to pull off this coordinated unity without social media to spread the word???

I propose that is indeed how it happened... precisely because there was NO social media then. There was no facebook, instagram or twitter... we might have had AOL instant messenger but that was only at your desktop. This was the bag phone era where you would have to make an actual phone call to communicate on the go!

I bring this up because 9-11 was the last major national crisis our country has faced. Sure there was the financial crisis of 2008 and the follow up Obama big bank bailout... but nothing nearly as dramatic as 9-11 until now. Not until... PANDEMIC!!!!

So why did the last major crisis unite the country and indeed most of the world... but this current crisis has just as quickly divided? I place most of the blame on our current culture of smart phones, twitter, facebook and other social media... Sure the mainstream media is still a factor but becoming less and less so every day. The mainstream media has quickly lost credibility the past few years as it has been forced to jump into the social media sewer to maintain relevancy.

Social media creates a medium of separation which is not how humans have evolved to socialize effectively. Its more akin to how we behave in separate vehicles on a high speed highway... defensive, strategic, and to outsmart/outpace/outdrive every other vehicle. Our vehicle, our cargo and our destination is our focus, it really has to be... thats how driving works. Its indeed the opposite of socialization... It promotes immediate tribalism, bullying, shaming, and comparisons. And at the end of the day when you go to bed.... none of it was real. Any tribal victories you might have gained that day are totally meaningless.

Now I certainly don't profess to know the solution to this for society. But I certainly know the solution for me. GET OFF SOCIAL MEDIA. Take full responsibility for my actions and interactions with others. In person whenever possible! This is why I no longer use Facebook and will soon delete my account. I have also completely stopped using Twitter. Fortunately Instagram allows more discretion and user controls so although I have reined it in drastically I will likely keep that format for some time.

99% of my online activity will be on my website. I refuse to provide media to entities which divide and have much different core values than I do. When you provide media to these outlets you are directly supporting them, you are working for them! I no longer work for facebook and I will escape the matrix. I pray you can too.

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