Saturated animal fats are the best and most valuable human food items on earth

Cholesterol is absolutely essential for life...particularly for the brain...without it you instantly die

The war on drugs is unjust, racist, corrupt, murderous and anti-freedom

Walking barefoot, in socks or minimal shoes is better for you than any pair of $500 Nikes

True success is measured in gratitude and usually LESS things

The volunteer Army ranks are mostly a direct representation of low socio-economic status

The sun is a super immune booster, using sun block is the opposite

Grains, vegetable oils and excess sugar are to be avoided at all costs

No adult mammal should drink milk

Soy is not your friend nor the environment's

Economics may not always start wars... but economics always keeps them going beyond the original goal

Racism is least often the issue it's mostly socioeconomic but it is weaponized by politicians, the privileged and the powerful to avoid discussion of the latter

Censorship births revolution

Online communities are anti-community

Instagram is not real

A walk in nature is better exercise than anything in the most expensive gym

All relationships are about you...never the other person

Happiness is an inside job... if you feel unhappy that's 100% on you

Breakfast is the worst meal of the day and should be skipped (postponed until noon)

The government is here to control... not help

Egocentric, externally dependent, cowardly people fear the individualism of others.... self-actualized, independent, brave people embrace it.

In the long run... comfort is more unhealthy than discomfort

The greatest pro-animal people are hunters

You do not need fiber... most of your digestive issues are due to fiber

The cold won't make you sick

Cholesterol protects, repairs and defends the arteries

Most misses in life are from aiming too low and hitting

Bacon is always a splendid idea

Face masks, hand sanitizers and social isolation greatly weaken population and personal immunity

Nature, dirt, sun and human interactions greatly bolster immunity

If you see 10 people in a store.... 9 of them are metabolically SICK. This is the true pandemic in America.

News is not truth

Fat is not fattening

Masculinity is protective to society not toxic

90% of prescription meds could be replaced with sun, meat, daily walks and intermittent fasting

Politics are your enemy

To be "cancelled" (rejected, divorced, dumped, ignored, ridiculed, fired, let go) is a great event and the best indicator you are being you

Veganism is a mental illness... it is the opposite of healthy

Having 2 or more qualifiers of metabolic dysfunction is 100 times more deadly than any coronavirus... indeed it is virtually a prerequisite to die with a corona infection.

The Covid19 pandemic in the USA should be renamed the "Metabolic Pandemic"