Quiet & Ready

One of my favorite quotes is by Henry David Thoreau so let me kick off with that-

"If we will be quiet and ready enough, we shall find compensation in every disappointment"

This quote provides such strong guidance for almost every life situation. It starts out though with a need for self-discipline. The "if we" is a really big IF- directed straight at us, internally. It runs counter to my inner child, first reaction....things like- "argue to make sure I am right" "fight back" "repudiate" "curse" "blame" "ask why me" and on and on!

Stop, quiet, ready-

So my first step needs to be... stop.... be quiet and be ready! First I instantly need to recognized the immediate childish, emotional trigger response... and Stop. Then step 2.... be quiet! Be quiet so I can look inside and not shoot stuff outside... so I can closely examine my initial reaction but also so I can look closely at the situation or other person creating those reactions in me. Almost always I can realize a bit of what is really going on when I have the self discipline to do this. I realize where the other person is coming from or why the situation is happening.

Then I can be quiet... to recognize the teachable moment. The gold nugget. What does this opportunity have in store for me to learn? I can only see that when I take a moment to be quiet. Once I look at the situation or other person from this student perspective I can then get right into basic training learning mode! Then you enter a ninja training state! Stop, be quiet... it sets you up for a big win almost every time.

Once the self-discipline side of this is met... then comes the compensation! You pull the diamond up out of the dark mine shaft, you find the nugget of gold. The gratitude is revealed. Its not often I master and use the self discipline side but every time I do the compensation is always there.

Therefore I have committed this quote to memory and I try to use it as my own personal mantra anytime I am insulted, disappointed, inconvenienced, or let down. Try it in your life. It is not always easy but diamond and gold mining is not meant to be easy!

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