No Excuses 7 Minute Workout!

In a previous post I mentioned my go to exercise routine is High Intensity Interval Training. I also reported using this approach I am able to accomplish the same exercise benefits in 7 minutes as a traditional aerobic session of 30 minutes! And... I can do it maybe only twice a week or so!

I got some questions from followers about how this works... so I thought I would dedicate a post to the mechanics of getting in a 7 min workout. My intervals are 30/10 sec with 30 seconds of intense activity followed by a 10 sec rest period. I do 10 rounds for a complete session.

I can use jumprope, weighted ropes, pushups, planks, dips, bleacher runs, even old fashioned jumping jacks! Anything to get your heart rate jacked in a hurry! And mix it all up in one session if you like!

To keep this session simple I used a crossropes 1/4lb jumprope and an interval timer app on my iphone. I also had a huge Gopro crash towards the end of the session so that is a great blooper for you to catch on the vlog!

Do you have 7 minutes??? NO excuses! This is a great way to stay fit and be read for the world! Personal responsibility to be our best human is the hallmark of a loving, caring person. If even 51% of our society delved deeper into that one core value wimpy contagions like corona viruses would be weaker than weak! Wearing masks and bathing in hand sanitizer are the opposite, last ditch effort approach of masses who have indulged their entire lifetimes avoiding this concept!

My crossropes set-

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