My Delaware Stoa

Good Sunday morning from my Delaware porch or as the Greeks would say "Stoa" as in stoic. Exactly one year ago my prevailing thoughts were to work on downsizing in 2021. Since I own two houses one in Florida and one in Kansas and my overall life was fairly complicated and strung out... the push was to really simplify in 2021. For the past decade I had been running full blast with work travel and bouncing all around the country with no rhyme or reason (pre-stupiddemic). So my idea was to be more strategic with work travel and build a schedule for when I would live at my Florida home and Kansas home. Ideally Kansas would be the focus from August thru new years... then Florida from Jan to around July. Florida is amazing in winter and spring.... and as a native to the state I also love the first part of summer with the daily thunderstorms and all. Its August and September when you really don't want to be there. Fortunately things rapidly improve in Kansas around mid August. My kids and I do tons of activities in the fall in Kansas too, so that just all made perfect sense to me.

Well God heard my plans... and in good fashion responded with making my life way MORE complicated! So along comes my dream job with a caveat of course. My aircraft would be based somewhere in the Delmarva peninsula. The Delmarva is a great area if you have never been. Fortunately I have made several work trips here in the past and knew despite its proximity to huge cities like DC, Baltimore, Philly and NYC it is actually a nice area. So here I am this morning coming to you from house #3. House #3 is not all that bad. I was fortunate to find a fellow Army soldier near the end of his career who had just bought a killer new home. He totally furnished it all the way down to the glassware, towels, bed sheets, etc. It is a big, awesome abode. The home has 3 levels and even after a week here I have not seen every section.

Along with my Army buddy homeowner we have 3 other guys here. Another pilot, an IT specialist for Amazon and a world class chef. When you think about this for a second you will realize this is a badass team! And we still have spare rooms for when guests or kids visit. It is all sort of humorous. We stick out in this new planned community of upper middle class families! We are quite content... we have lightening fast google internet, our own chef, our own rooms/bathrooms/laundry, 4 living rooms with large flat screens and even Sandy the dog. Everyone here loves Sandy.

All of this reminds me how as humans we always plan our future for the easy comfy route. Back in 2020 I was scheming to downsize and simplify. But God knew that was not the best for me. So my job is to be faithful, stay the course, adapt/overcome and enjoy the ride. If I had my druthers... I would never be away from my kids... I would never leave my Florida homestead except for Kansas deer season and vacations.... I would work one simple job I am already a master in.... I would live as a simple man.

Being away from your family, your culture, your home and working in new things is all very good, because tough is good. As an elder I welcome the discomfort, even look forward to it. And Sundays are the peak of it. I learned this in the Army long ago overseas. Sunday was the slow day when you really missed your family and home. Sunday you have time to slow down and truly face your predicament. Sunday is when the true blessing is brought forth. Tomorrow I will jump back into the frenzy of training, teams meetings, calls and travel.... but today I look out from the stoa and face my discomfort. With a smile. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

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