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Phase 2 transition off social media has commenced! I chose a stepwise approach for my departure from social media, similar I would guess to how a drug addict gradually breaks any powerful addiction! I will try to put together a sort of "how to" post so if any of you are contemplating a similar social media purge in your life maybe this will help!

For me I was very active on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Since Twitter is the most revolting... its elimination was Step 1.

Step 1- Delete Twitter account.... remove app from phone.

So for me Twitter was the worst but easiest to dump! Twitter was easy to dump and took literally seconds.

The Facebook matrix was a different story. Not only did I have over 1500 "friends" on the platform but I had tons of personal data, to include almost 10 years of pictures, video, travel destinations and posts. Along with all this many of my other accounts used facebook as a password or easy access point... accounts such as Patreon and Hulu (this was easy, as I simply deleted both Patreon and Hulu!). So the Facebook deletion takes a more structured approach.

My Instagram account had media dating back to 2010 so tons of pictures. Again lots of friends/followers on that account too. But at least no password access points to worry about.

The other consideration with the Facebook/IG platforms is my LLC pages. I really didn't want to lose that but at the end of the day I had to face my values.... business or my own ethics? What is more important to me? Its my values.

Instagram dump-

Step 1- alert your true friends and family. Let them know when, why and where. When you are leaving and why... then where you can be found. You will learn in this process something like 3-5% of your so called "friends" give 2 fucks about you! Reminding you of the greatest social media myths! Those myths being "friends' and "community".... its all bullshit... or at least 95% of it!

Step 2- Request all your data for download. This took about two hours for IG to fulfill but they will eventually send you an email with links to download zip files of all your data. For me it was a ton of data but I was able to download it all in about 10 mins.

Facebook dump-

Step 1- alert your true friends and family. Again let them know alternate locations to find you. For me it was my new website. Of my roughly 1,500 so called "friends" I had around 85 actually subscribe to my website!

Step 2- check linked accounts... you may even have autopay accounts linked! For me Patreon was linked and had a monthly payment to a subscription I follow. Just make sure any other accounts you have can be accessed with a password in the future as you will not have a facebook route.

Step 3- request a file of all your data. This takes some time (mine is still processing as I type this blog). Then download the data and save securely.

Step 4- DELETE!!! That's it! You may have to also unsubscribe to their emailings, they immediately started emailing me with messages about my friends posting on the platform to try and lure me back into the matrix! Fight this... and unsubscribe to all future mailings from them!

Thats it! FREEDOM! I am so excited to be off these platforms... I look forward to spending my time more wisely... owning my own content... learning new skills.... all free of mindless censorship.

Today I am adding my first Vlog component! I hope this will be a regular feature!

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