My Bad Habit

I have a bad habit which I am working to break! This habit is as bad or worse than smoking, overeating, lack of exercise or most any other bad habit you can think of. It is a bad habit which can be summed up in one word....

But first, let me describe how it works... it is based on my prevailing thoughts... where my mind can go on its own free accord. Where my thoughts automatically go towards WHAT I DON'T WANT. WHAT I DON'T WANT TO HAPPEN. WHERE I DON'T WANT TO BE FINANCIALLY, RELATIONSHIP WISE, CAREER WISE OR SPIRITUALLY.

Thinking about things we do not want to happen is called STRESS. Stress can be a habit! It is my habit! I do it automatically without thinking... it's simply muscle memory.

How do you break a bad habit? Particularly one so entrenched... deep in my brain for 50 years? How? The same way a musician gets to Carnegie Hall! PRACTICE! PRACTICE! PRACTICE!

At my Florida house I have pampered a small but gorgeous front lawn.... as it was greening this year I noticed a trail forming where I would walk several times a day to get to my car. This trail was only formed after many times walking that same route over and over. I knew I had to change that path to allow my lawn to repair and for that bad pathway to eventually recover. To leave my house I must walk down steps... I realized I had to build a new set of steps at the other end of my porch near my parking area.

So I built a new set of steps at the other end of the building near my car. But even then I would automatically come out of the house and be halfway down the old trail before I even realized it! IT HAD BECOME A HABIT.

To break this habit and save my grass I had to recognize the wrong pathway before it got going! That was step 1! Sometimes I was already on the lawn... I made myself stop and turn around! Then it was on the wrong set of stairs... I would stop myself, turn around and walk back up the steps! Eventually I would catch myself walking towards the wrong stairs.... then abruptly stopping and turning towards the other direction where the NEW stairs were! EVENTUALLY WITH PURPOSE I BROKE THE OLD PATHWAY HABIT....AND MY LAWN RESPONDED WITH HEALING!

This is exactly the same technique I am using to break my worst habit.... my default of being STRESSED! First I recognize it is my creation... just like those steps... I can build a new set of steps to walk down onto a new pathway. Now that I have the new steps I have to catch myself when I am down that old opposite pathway! Recognize it and STOP IT!

When I catch myself on that old pathway I stop... then I focus on my breathing.... I back up.... then I go down the new stairs and step into the world of WHAT I DO WANT! A world of exactly what I want to do, be and have! I step onto a pathway of Faith... Gratitude.... Joy.... smiling... laughing... and a future that is already everything I have ever wanted!

Every time I pull off this little internal miracle I instantly lower my blood pressure, improve my digestion, increase my energy, increase my awareness of the world around me, supercharge my immunity, expand all my opportunities, quadruple my net worth, multiply my power, and in one word- LIVE!

Remember GRATITUDE is not for every now and then when things are good.... GRATITUDE is for every moment! GRATITUDE is not for weirdos... GRATITUDE is for winners. You will never find anyone in life who is a true champion, a true winner, a truly successful person who is not a GRATEFUL person!

I will break my worst bad habit! I have already done it! THANK YOU!

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