Manhattan... Kansas

Seth just pulled out to start the fall semester at Kansas State University in Manhattan KS. This is his sophomore year and it is crazy just thinking back to last year. Last fall I went up with him for his freshmen semester move in to the dorms. We had no idea then about Covid19 or what the year would bring... he was entering into the professional airplane pilot program and the world was in the midst of an airline pilot shortage!

Mere months later and the entire airline fleet was basically grounded and pilots were laid off by the thousands. Seth was rethinking his career path along with probably everyone else! Disruptions are a good thing as they help us with clarity and to get back to basics.

I think back to when I showed up in Manhattan KS... under much different circumstances as a US Army Private assigned to Ft. Riley KS on March 21, 1991. I remember it was snowing I had $32 in my wallet a Ford F150 with a cardboard box of my total earthly belongings and I had no idea what the following years would bring! The years since have brought joy, trials, tribulations and growth. And I am most grateful for it all... particularly the sucky parts.

Looking forward in 2020-21 the "cone of uncertainty" is very wide! But the forward path of our commitment to our core values and who we are is straight, solid and strong! Whatever this year brings we won't know... but we do know we are strong, faithful and committed to basics! All of us are well served to remember we got this! We have been through much worse and kicked ass before! Let's Roll!

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