Look Within

Over the past several years I have learned to focus within and concentrate less on the external. It’s not always easy and sometimes not natural. It’s also not fully encouraged by the church, political persuasions, friends, family, social media, employer’s etc. It can also be hard work and not all that comfortable, often you may feel you are breaking norms. My shift towards an internal focus has greatly improved my physical fitness, diet, career, finances and relationships. It’s created a daily perspective on things allotting me more patience, grace and forgiveness. But more than anything its provided me with the keys to the palace... the gateway to freedom... the knowledge of the ages... the glimpse of treasures. Imagine for a moment you had in your possession the greatest trade secret on earth. Where would you hide it? Where could you safeguard it? You could put it in a safe or locked fortress, but that simply makes it a target for theft and exploitation. You could get patent protection only to see your secret immediately get ripped off by the Chinese. Or you could place it in such a common place that most would never ever think to look. In plain sight. That is exactly what God has done. God used great wisdom and hid the greatest trade secret ever in plain sight. A spot most will never look. A spot most look past. A spot many are afraid of. Inside themselves. Most look to other people, the church, social media, money, titles, careers... when what they seek is literally right under their nose! It’s a scary and lonely place to look at first. But once you really dig in you will find the answers. No one is there with encouragement at first, but soon they will all ask what you started doing differently! You have to face your demons, with humility and determination. Don’t look past the storehouse of life's greatest treasures and secrets. Don’t be distracted by the manifold forces who don’t want you to find this knowledge. For once you find it they cannot exploit you as easily.

Take a moment everyday and look within. The more you practice the better you will get. And... "You know how you get to Carnegie Hall don't you??? PRACTICE!

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