I love freedom and liberty. As private companies it is fine for facebook, youtube, instagram and twitter to decide how to manage their platform. But tis even finer for me to decide where to spend my time. Since leaving Facebook I have learned how to set up and manage a website... at least with training wheels as provided by wix.

I can post anything I want without being censured or "fact checked". I can say COVID, Wuhan Flu, corona and not a single fact check will jump in to steer the reader in any direction. I can talk about how the virus spread very quickly within the human populations showing signs of advanced adaptation to humans which is indicative of human manipulation of the viral DNA... and certainly not indicative of moving from bats to humans months ago... but likely engineered in a LAB!

At the DNA level the virus has indications of DNA snips/insertions without any path of evolution, again indicative of human lab manipulation. Why can we not have a conversation like this in the media? Why does this automatically make one a conspiracy theorist or a right winger? This should be a natural question and investigation using science. Why are we against SCIENCE?

Why are scientist being shushed? Why are people not protesting that? Why are we talking about skin color and not economics? Why is a spectrum of sex the discussion and not the extremes in the socioeconomic spectrum?

Why did Fauci lie about the wearing of masks? And now expect any of us to believe him about a damn thing?

Why are we constantly being steered to division and not the real issues?

Why do we have such a leadership void? A void if not filled will be absolutely detrimental to our country. Why do we have two parties in total control (both totally corrupted by big biz)? Why do we have to choose between two non-leaders for president?

We need selfless, unemotional, uncorrupt, patriotic, egoless leaders asap!

I am rambling today... but I can do that at my blog! I hope you have a great day!

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