Today's blog is mostly coming to you via the attached youtube link in the form of a vlog. Hopefully you will enjoy the video, but in reality it is an instructional piece for my kids. Today they are teens and way too cool to be reading this silly blog or paying any attention to my youtube channel. Indeed they are just hoping to not get tagged or "featured" in anyway where their friends might see!

So I see all of this as a bit of a time capsule for my kids. Likely long after I am gone they will be reading this blog and watching the attached video. Just as my Dad passed on to me I will be handing them the responsibility of taking care of a small piece of original Florida. This video will provide the basic set of instructions for them to carry on our legacy.

My kids get the benefit of having a Kansas native mom and a Florida native dad. Both legends in their own right and both working hard to ensure these kids are exposed to the values inherent of pioneers of these two states. Being a pioneer in either Kansas or Florida is a very tough proposition where only the hardiest of folks were able to carve out a primitive existence. Though both states are very different there are some very similar qualities which help to create the values we hold dear. Things like determination, patience, adaptability, self made, scrappiness, looking grand on nothing but sand, etc.

Mom and dad are both working hard to pass on this legacy. This video is part of that along with much of what I do everyday. My career, my hobbies, my friends, the people I look up to, my day to day activities all roll into legacy. It is not just about making a living or stoking my 401K... of course I am doing that but those things are not my true legacy. My true legacy will be the values and love I pass on to my kids. Love and legacy which will reverberate into the future and never die. Everlasting life.

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