Many of you know I am a huge follower of the keto way of eating. Some say this keto thing is just a new fad... but if you were to really look at the keto way of eating you would find it is not new at all, indeed it is actually the way we used to eat before the processed food, big Ag, the USDA and big pharma gained power.

Keto is actually old, it was exactly the way your great, great grandparents ate. That's one reason they were such badasses and most modern humans are such wimps. Today's human is weak in both mind and body... teetering on full diabetes, fat, lethargic, walmart scooter riding and completely neurotic in the brain on everything from climate change to, racism to viral particles.

For good evidence of our keto history take a look at portrait photographs in history. I was once standing in a Sheriff's office lobby here in Florida and on a large wall there was a portrait photograph of every elected sheriff the entire last century. Basically a picture of the sheriff from their shoulders up. It was very obvious the exact moment in time the processed food industry took hold in our country... the moment when the USDA started pushing the "food pyramid" "the 4 food groups"... You could see the distinct change in the facial fat of our duly elected sheriffs, as they got more and more plump starting around 1960. By the mid 1970's they were straight up Boss Hog fat asses.

Many of my friends have asked me for keto tips and advice as they look to improve their diet and overall health. At any given time I am counseling a half dozen folks starting out on keto. To make this more efficient I have started building a Keto FAQ page here on my website. If you are interested in the keto way of eating take a look! I will continue to add more info to it but the basics are already taking shape.

And remember keto is not a new fad! It is the proper human diet and a return to how we should be eating. Below is a picture of my 4th Great Grandfather Alderman Carlton. Grandpa Carlton was a Florida pioneer settler and LT in the Army. When he was 53 years old he led his men into battle on horseback to defend the Tillis family farm from a band of Seminole indians. As he lay dying on the field his last words to one of his men was "I am done, take my gun and kill one!". Grandpa Carlton WAS KETO!

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