Jump Rope!

I started jumping rope about two years ago... just before my total hip replacement (THR). The THR was not because of jumping rope, I should add! LOL! Trust me when I say I had not picked up a jump rope since I was maybe 6 or 7 years old. So for the first month it was comical at best. But after some time I got decent at it.. I still am no jump rope ninja but I can do it!

I adopted jump rope because of my work travel BC (before covid!). At first I had an Anywhere Gym membership but I found despite its name... they were not the Everywhere Gym! And even when I was near a gym the equipment would be different so each time I had to figure out what or how to use it.

Now AC (after covid) jump rope is still a great option as many gyms are closed or have draconian "social dumbass distancing" rules.

Jump rope has been a great exercise practice for me.. it has greatly strengthened my lower legs, shoulders and improved my coordination/balance. These improvements have paid huge dividends when hiking in rocky terrain, parachuting from airplanes and slipping on ice! If any of those 3 are in your future I strongly encourage you to take up jumping rope! It has also improved my cardio fitness and is a great way to go nuclear on calorie burning!

And not only can it be done anywhere... you can jump rope in some amazing settings. From the top of skyscrapers to small town squares in central or south America. Not being in a gym forced to watch tv news or headbanger music whaling is a huge plus.

I post a few videos of my jumprope routine both here and at a special IG account- floridaman_jumps_rope. With these videos I get three very common requests-

  1. Please post more videos with your shirt off

  2. Please do not post anymore jump rope videos with your shirt off

  3. What is a good jumprope for someone just wanting to try it?

So.... To answer #3 I made a short vlog! So I hope you enjoy it!

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