It's the Chronically High Insulin and the Vegetable Oils Dummy!

What if I said- "You can be 10, 15 or 20 years younger in a few weeks!" I would expect you to be skeptical. Particularly since I preach the judicious use of critical thinking! But this is exactly what happened to me when I transitioned away from the standard American diet (SAD) to a diet of low carb high fat (LCHF).

I spent the better part of 50 years following, as best I could the government dietary recommendations- grains, carbohydrates, low fat, vegetable oils, vegetables and sparingly meats. Throughout my life I maintained a high level of physical activity and have never been a sedentary person. Despite all of this I was always 15-20 lbs heavier than I wanted to be and I felt like total garbage... like I was coming apart at the seams!

In this condition on the SAD I developed advanced osteoarthritis by the time I was 25 years old! By my late 20's I carried about 10 extra pounds and began a daily dose of diclofenac to mitigate the constant inflammation. By my late 30's I carried about 20 extra pounds. The extra weight exacerbated the arthritis and I had back surgery by my late 30's. By my late 40's I was 25 pounds over weight, had to double up on the daily diclofenac dose and ended up getting a total hip replacement.

Two years ago I was sick of all of this. I had an amazing new hip but had to keep the diclofenac coming because now instead of my hip killing me... every other joint in my body was screaming! I attributed all of this pain to- "oh well I was born with it"... "arthritis must run in my family"... "I have lived a tough work life and just wore my joints out". EXCUSES.

As a last resort I decided to try the LCHF way of eating. It sounded impossible at first. How could I quit my chocolate milk, cookies, corn chips/salsa, mexican food, grits, mashed potatoes, cake, bread etc??!!

And it was difficult at first... but gradually got easier. But what really improved was how I felt! Very gradual at first... but constant improvement. Now going back to the SAD sounds impossible to me!

Arthritis and inflammation are now a rank stranger to me. I not only feel younger... but I feel better...WAY BETTER, than I did at 30! My quality of life is through the roof! I used to dread walking out to grab something I had left in my vehicle... seriously! Now I will walk to the stadium and do stairs for 20 minutes! The changes are totally unbelievable. I jump rope... seriously! Total reversal. For brevity I won't list all the health/wellness parameters which have improved since switching to LCHF... basically every area.

Now I certainly cannot guarantee your results will be like mine. All of us are individuals. But if your diet was like mine and you are having multiple health issues it might be worth a try. What have you got to lose? Today I want to share an excellent video about all of this by Dr. Sten Ekberg. His youtube videos do a great job explaining how and why the LCHF way of eating works. Watch the entire video as every section is very good. Keto on!

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