How to Answer Badgering Linkedin Messages!

Ever have someone request to connect on Linkedin only to find they are pushing their products or services on everyone and anyone??? No??? Me either LOL!

They always start with a short perfunctory greeting and then get right to it! The past few weeks I have had one of these persistent entrepreneurs messaging me several times a week. Since me ignoring his messages did not quite "send" the message of disinterest.... I decided to give him a full answer this morning!

He had been pushing his "communications" services...basically a scheme to get a better cell service package for all my employees. I jumped right into this and I truly hope he read the entire prose and will follow my instructions to the letter!

So for your Saturday morning reading enjoyment here you go! ---

Notice how I start the reply with both an apology and the need to take advantage of his services!

In this second section I jump right into the intricacies and demands of my business model.

Since he is in Philadelphia I wanted to make a personal connection....

Setting up a personal meeting is the best way to make sure they know you are serious!

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