Hold the Line!

I love a good underdog story. Its the basis for all the Star Wars and Rocky movies. Indeed all my favorite movies are underdog stories. This week we saw in real time a group of Reddit users game the system and give the hedge fund brokers what for. And of course the empirical forces sprang to action almost immediately. The ironically named app "Robin Hood" froze trades on the selected stocks targeted to shrink. So much for "democratizing the market" turns out that was just marketing speak to sell the app!

I did not participate in this latest revolution but hats off to those who did. Many became millionaires almost instantly. But even though I didn't buy in I am sure loving their gumption and the eruption of hilarious memes! The best part is one of their leaders is online shouting "hold the line!" Encouraging the foot soldiers to hold Gamestop and not sell in panic. It reminds me of another great underdog movie with Mel Gibson- The Patriot! This is what America is all about.

Hold the line Patriots! And keep the memes coming! The peasant class only breaks out for brief moments. It takes congress months to send out $600 checks to the peasants but only moments to shut down the success of commoners! Again... I am just here for the memes. Go to the Gamestop IG page and enjoy the comments! Have a great day! AND HOLD THE LINE!

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