Health is My Responsibility

Basic health starts at the bottom of Abraham Maslow's hierarchy of needs. Its things like SLEEP, real food, safety, clean water, family/friend ties.... When people don't get these their health and by extension the health of a population begins to suffer. Not addressing these basics is a huge mistake.

Too often our society "masks" these underlying problems with a "treatment"... if you are not getting enough sleep then drink an energy drink and apply extra makeup to hide your baggy eyes. Blood sugar off?... then take even more insulin. Hypertension?... here are some pills to lower that. Cholesterol? Well we are not sure it hurts anything but it sure sells pills so take these to lower your cholesterol. In so doing society teaches us to rely on outside sources for our health. We are taught this is natural and we are weak, all have poor genetics, aged, immune compromised, etc. We are taught to look for a "treatment" from the outside world. We go to our doctors and ask THEM to help us.

If anyone points out... a return to basic self care. They are now ridiculed, called a "republican", demonized, branded as "uncaring" or just plain stupid. Or typically ALL OF THE ABOVE! You know... sometimes...a person telling you to brush your teeth and get to bed can be a very CARING person! Not necessarily a political thing!

I paid attention in college... I studied Maslow's hierarchy. I realized the pyramid is fluid and we bounce around... one day reaching self actualization and another not doing basic self care. I have learned to focus inward... to focus on where my responsibilities are and not on outside "treatments". So.... I ask myself things like-

Do I need an energy drink or maybe more sleep?

Do I need more insulin to lower my blood sugar or maybe less processed shit food?

Do I need hypertension meds or a walk outside and box breathing sessions?

My point is to think critically, think towards the easiest solutions, and think mostly about personal responsibility not outside help. What if we started to teach that as a new societal norm? Instead of our current paradigm of meds, vaccines, face masks and lack of personal responsibility????

Here is a most excellent and timely video which touches on some of this-

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