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We have learned so much this year... 2020 has really been a blessing as just a touch of stress applied to our systems has shown their true intentions and motivations. Its not conspiracies... no, its plain old fashioned... money. Whether it be the political system, the health care system, big pharma, big food/Ag or big Corps.... They showed their greed, it was on full display in 2020. No closet greed this past year.

I could certainly write many lengthy essays on each of these systems and their open greed in 2020... but today I want to touch on the "healthcare system". Of course we already knew it had not been about true "health" for sometime. No its about chronic, dependency...maintaining a state of chronic but livable sickness. The health system certainly does not want anyone to die... but they also really don't push for folks to be truly healthy either! The goal is never a cure... but always a daily prescription and repeat visits, monitoring and routine tests. Allopathic medicine.... did you notice how the "follow the science" daggers came out this past year? I never knew there were so many layman so zealous for science??? Who knew? I bet the university chemistry and biology labs are overrun with new students now in this era of "follow the science!". Yeah right!

I have a PA in both Kansas and Florida. They are both very knowledgeable and open to divergent an extent. The Kansas one less so... the Florida one is 90% behind my approaches. Which makes sense... generally speaking Kansas folks are a bit naive and easily duped... but its what makes them so precious! My FL Pa tows the corporate line but when I mention my approach, she speaks encouragement to me under her breath...sort of a whisper. She whispers... I have to say the part about cholesterol and document I recommended putting you on a statin... and patient "refused". To which I reply write whatever you need to.... But here is my daily prescription if you want to add it to your documentation-

  1. Fasting until noon

  2. Quality time with my kids

  3. Bullet proof coffee, one cup with ghee, one cup with C8 MCT oil.

  4. Bacon, Eggs, Animal Fats, Fish, Oysters, Venison, Steak, Cheese, Avocado, 90% dark Chocolate (100%GRAIN FREE, NO VEG OILS).

  5. Sun exposure

  6. Move frequently...walking outside is preferred.

  7. Lift weights (kettlebell movements), pushups, pull ups.

  8. Jump rope (HIIT twice weekly)

  9. Close contact with animals (dogs, deer, pigs, cows, birds)

  10. Krill oil

  11. Vitamin D3 if cloudy days or above 35th parallel in winter (Kansas) 10,000 IU daily

  12. Writing, blogging, vlogging, zoom presentations, in person talking, meeting people

  13. Water & Electrolytes... particularly Mg and K. Refer back to blog/vlog on Dec 1, 2020.

  14. No or very little mainstream media, limit social media, avoid leftists or right wing nut jobs.

  15. Mostly ignore politicians, agencies, associations, government panels, government recommendations

  16. Resist emotional bandwagons, resist divisiveness

  17. Meditate against FEAR. Meditate towards FAITH and acceptance.

  18. Cultivate personal responsibility, minimize blaming and excuse making.

  19. Write, memorize and recite daily your own CREED.

  20. Watch birds.

Basic stuff... all mostly free or very inexpensive. Nothing on my daily prescription list has EVER been mentioned by either of my PA's... with the exception of a cursory mention to "exercise". However they strongly recommend prescription drugs, frequent diagnostic tests, wearing a mask, social distancing etc. Last visit I had to call once at the front door... then be buzzed in once properly masked... then answer a questionnaire concerning my travel and any potential for exposure to a corona virus. And of course my temperature was checked immediately.

Yes thank you 2020 for exposing so much to us. You would have to be completely obtuse and or just plain dumb to not see these things for what they really are in 2020. It is my prayer that 2020 has awaken the rationale world to the real agenda behind our modern systems and their motivations. CASH. Again nothing new, but on full open display with a little application of stress in 2020.

The "health" system. Its not about health. Its about maintenance of chronic sickness...keeping you from dying but also keeping you from real health. The health system has no use for 2 people-

  1. Healthy people

  2. Dead people

My goal is to be #1 as long as possible.... and to be able to bench press my two PA's body weight (both of them). And to adhere to my prescription list, while my pharmacist becomes a rank stranger (sorry Christy, nothing personal). As you look to 2021 I implore you to honestly examine these systems and your approach to HEALTH.

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