We are halfway through 2020! It has certainly been a hell of a ride and the next six months looks like it will continue. Most people will tell you it has been a terrible year so far... and that reaction is understandable. But try to remember the ways of the stoics and people of faith... gratitude in all things. Nothing in itself is fortunate or unfortunate... only fortunate if it happened to you.

What may seem tough, awful or unsettling now will prove to be the force which moved you to higher good. Faithful people know this and hold strong to that truth. I study many teachers... some I know personally and others I follow through their website, social media or podcasts. If you look these teachers are undoubtedly in your life too. My favorite teachers all welcome struggle for they know it is opportunity to grow.

For me its people like David Goggins, Jocko Willink, the stoics, my Dad, fellow soldiers, even some of my ancestors I never met. David Goggins for example reminds us through quotes like "The best thing that ever happened to me is nobody helped me"... and his practice of "the cookie jar" where when times get tough he reaches into his memory cookie jar and recalls "David you've been through worse and made it" a reminder of how much of a badass you really are. So when the tough circumstances arise lean on techniques used by the masters and grow during those challenges.

Willink uses a technique when tough times occur simply known as GOOD. When something bad happens he says "good". "Didn't get the raise I wanted?- Good... I can work on new skills to deepen my value" "Didn't get the new fancy gear we wanted?- Good... we can keep it simple" "Hurt my ankle in training?- Good... we can take a training break."

Once my Dad and I were installing metal roofing on a house in Florida in July. The heat was unbearable. I looked at my Dad (in his 60's) and he was whistling and working as if it was a perfect day! I asked him how was able to keep such a positive attitude under those extreme circumstances? His reply- "I think about something else"

So.... with 2020... I think about something else. I think about all the advances to come in immunotherapy, communications on-line, decentralized supply chains, improved human health, new and better jobs, deeper gratitude to be in public gatherings, more unity, a more humane work/economic environment, deeper understandings of what is really important (it is not consumerism), gratitude to be at a movie theater or broadway play, more family time, more time in nature, less nonstop work travel, less meetings, less focus on money, more focus on daily health to foster a strong immune system, less reliance on a broken profit driven sick care system, more community focused policing, less militarization of the police, more reliance on local food supplies (deer, pigs, turkeys, eggs, fish etc) and on and on and on!!!!

So you see... 2020 is our launchpad year! So far 2020 had been very good! Here is one second every day from this glorious year!

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