Greatest Life Hack of All Time!

Today I want to share the greatest life hack of all time. FAITH. A word often tossed around by evangelicals but mostly misconstrued and poorly employed. At its most basic element faith is believing in that which is unseen. It is NOT a "set of rules" or "get to heaven and out of hell free card"! Quoting bible verses, carrying a bible around, regular church attendance, tithing, fish symbols on your car or wearing religious robes/garb/jewelry seldom says much of one's real faith. I would encourage you to bypass those virtue signal moves and work on real faith!

So what is the 'hack"? Try this! -- '

Ingrain into your thinking that God (the Universe, the King, the Spirit world, whatever you call it) is absolutely conspiring to help you. That God is 100% on your side! Know that the game is already won! Anything that happens is a part of the master plan for an amazing, ultimate victory!

When you adopt this mindset as your overriding operating system everything changes. Everything now becomes good... everything now is seen as an opportunity! Extra work becomes opportunity to advance, to grow, to get better. Car broke? great I will walk and ride my bike more! Covered up in bills? Great I will work on my budget and grow other sources of revenue. All alone? Awesome I needed to do some inner work!

This really shifts how you approach obstacles, challenges, stupid people and the suck! You will pivot to working mostly on what you can control and give very little attention to what you cannot control! When everything beyond your control is being handled by God why would you even question it or complain? Just rest in the confident knowledge that it is all for GOOD.

Politics, political movements, mainstream news, others opinion of you (or your blog, vlog!) become "out of your domain!". What your boss does... Who wins whatever election... Your spouse/lover... the casedemic... etc. etc. etc. Knowing everything outside of your control is totally in the control of the most powerful allows you to devote 100% of your focus on what you can control- your reaction and direction! Obstacles become opportunity and instead of complaining you immediately start to ask "how can I use this situation?".

Try this ultimate life hack on your next problem or obstacle... or your next "butt hurt". Don't look at other people and say "I wish I could be that strong" or "I wish I handled things like him/her"... Believe you can too and start practicing. Intentionally put yourself in uncomfortable situations whether morally or physically and.... just smile. The ability to smile in tough situations is the real super power.

I recall an example of "putting yourself in uncomfortable situations"... when I was in Army air assault school, billed as "The toughest 10 days in the Army"... The cadre were putting us through an awful physical training session in a sawdust pit on about day 3... when a student shouted "airborne" instead of the required "air assault"! Trust me when I say this is perhaps the worst sin one can commit in Air Assault School! The cadre lost their shit totally! They pulled this student up to the front and really worked him over... literally spitting on him as they screamed putting him through extra exercise. When they let him up he would smile and shout "Airborne!" This went on for some time... finally they released all of us to our tents... but kept "student airborne" for remedial training! We could hear them screaming at him into the night... but also heard his laughing refrain of "Airborne". We were lying in the comfort of our cots in the tents... all secretly pulling for "student airborne". I am not sure when it all ended... but at the end of the 10 days he was named "Honor Grad" and had the respect of everyone! I will never forget this soldier's ability to smile and laugh in the face of adversity. I reflect on this often...

Now surely that is an extreme example of smiling in the face of adversity... but I can guarantee you every student and cadre in that Air Assault course will never forget his example. I might add "student airborne" was not particularly physically fit nor looked like a rebel at all... but he had it in his spirit... his inner work was up to date! Student Airborne was being himself... he was doing him... not what we were told to do or what was to fit in or what was comfortable. And he was immediately persecuted for it! But he laughed and smiled! And he won!

It is a choice. Our mindsets can be one of complaining, blaming and excuse making, and taking the comfortable option every time... or one of victory, gratitude, celebration, courage and total smiles. When we shift our prevailing mindset to FAITH and KNOWING the war has already been won and everything is conspiring towards our greater good we enter a rare space of existence reserved for warriors, kings, champions and only those with massive courage or in another word FAITH. It's a place I may never totally reach but always strive to be... "student airborne" had the blackbelt in this life hack and I am grateful God put me there in that moment to see it on display. It taught me what to look for in others as a measure of FAITH and what to work on inside of me for the same. Thank you student Airborne!

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