Goodbye Joe!

As many of you know I am a huge fan of the podcast format. Why? Several reasons. First and foremost is the grassroots independent nature of it. Where virtually anyone can create a platform. A platform not controlled or unduly influenced by the mainstream media, the Federal Reserve Board, The American Heart Association, giant tech monopolies, the WHO, corporate sponsors, the government (foreign and domestic), religion, and on and on.... This freedom from big brother control allows anyone (for better or worse) to freely put forth their opinions, insights, thoughts, hypothesis, programming... simply be who they are. A true free format.

This was one of the greatest reasons I was a huge fan of the Joe Rogan show. Not because Joe is a great entertainer, no quite the opposite... because he was just a regular Joe. He had a blue collar perspective but brought in big time expert guests in a wide array of fields and specialties... along with a wide variety of political persuasions! One episode would have Bernie Sanders then the very next might have Ben Shapiro! He would welcome UFO whack jobs then the next day have on Neil DeGrasse Tyson. One day it's an all vegan show then the next it is straight up carnivore! From trannies to David Goggins Joe loved them all.

How was he able to pull this off? BECAUSE IT WAS HIS SHOW. And America loved it!

Unfortunately like many good things money comes in and big corp control ruins what used to be. Now Joe Rogan is a total SELL OUT. He sold his soul to Spotify and simultaneously beheaded the goose that laid the golden eggs.

Old Joe tried to save face and kept telling us all "Nothing will change... it is still my show". A few weeks later select previous episodes started to mysteriously disappear. Then the next thing you know punk ass Joe is all up on Instagram issuing apologies for things he said on his podcast (now owned by Spotify). It's so sad.

Now I am not one against public apologies when they are due. I certainly should have given a few when I could in the day! But Joe is not a bonafide news source... he is just Joe.... or he used to be. No more he is now Spotify Joe. Spotify Joe is tons different than the old Joe. Spotify Joe has a new flashy studio in Texas. Spotify Joe is no longer allowed to maintain and curate his old episodes. Spotify Joe can not even act like "old Joe" without issuing a public whiny ass apology.

Well you had a great run Joe. But you are off my subscription list.

Now I peruse the pods for the next rising star who is still a real person. That is when you find a great podcast. That person just being who they are and not a mouthpiece for something else. There is something to be said about the smooth perfect podcast, instagram page and vlogger... but I have come to really appreciate more the one doing the same thing on their own with their loyalties being much simpler and their product being a little rough around the edges. Real is hard to beat.

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