Good Times

The "buzz" seems to always focus on what's wrong. Particularly if its potentially racist or very scary... even better if its both! If you were to spend all your time reading and watching the news you would come away with thoughts of overrun hospitals drenched in dying plague victims (most of them people of color), rampant racism in the streets where people with a certain level of melanin take their lives in their hands if they go out for a stroll and corrupt despotic leaders at all levels fomenting hate, division, partisanship and corruption. America is at war!

What you never hear though is the good news. Why? because good news does not sell clicks. But then I have to ask deeper "Why does good not sell?" What is it in our deep psyche that wants to see the bad, the evil, the corrupt? Whether we like it or not WE ARE FUELING this. We vote with our clicks, our shares and our comments. We feed that fire.

Have you ever participated in the rumor mill with a friend? Yeah me neither! :) Notice the fever pitch the rumor mill stokes our frail ego as we belittle or shame someone else. As pointing out the bad in others seems to make our own image as not so bad! Our ego loves this damaging keeps ego in control and with all the power, leaving none for our higher self. This behavior caresses a frail, weak, egotistical person while at the same time provides a feel of "I am right, I am better and I belong to the good team." I submit to you this is the same thing on a larger scale with the news/social media. At any given moment pay attention to what is trending on Twitter and you will no doubt find it fits the ego feeding paradigm in some way. Choosing to be a part of the trending subject provides an instant ego boost... which in reality does nothing for the outside world but everything for how you feel on the inside at that moment. Making excuses, blaming others (individuals, races, institutions, leaders, politicians, etc) releases us from the real duty of holding our own selves accountable and spending time in our own self appraisal.

Stroking our own personal, frail ego sells clicks!!!

Deep self analysis of how can I do better does not sell clicks.

Let's not blame the social media empires, the network news, the gov, the institutions....rather lets look at our own individual actions. How am I behaving on social media? Am I fueling the fire of negativity? Do I have to choose sides of a Twitter trend? Am I giving facebook my time and media?

If we as individuals begin to take full responsibility for our online actions only then will we see a return to professional, decent, objective reality expressed on-line, in media and from our leaders.

And when we post... share something that feeds the higher self for you and others. Talk of love and gratitude.

I am so grateful today for this beautiful sunrise at Ormond Beach FL, I am so grateful today for my health and life! I am so grateful today for my kids and family! I am so grateful today for my childhood and all I have experienced! I am so grateful to live in and be an American! I am so grateful for my past! I am so grateful for this moment! I am so grateful for the future!

As you experience the feeling of gratitude in your heart it will change everything inside you at a cellular level. This love will surround you and is scientifically measurable (out to about 3 meters!)... it's power will affect those around you and can even be shared on-line!

Gratitude, love and all higher feelings completely silence ego. Try it right now! Feed that..not the bad news ego driven machine! And then share! Have a blessed Saturday!

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