Glory Days!

It has been 14 glorious days since I dumped facebook and twitter off my mobile device! I have not closed the accounts permanently yet... but my only use for them is to send friends from there over to here! Soon I do plan to permanently close them.

Social media has some positives but for me those are grossly overshadowed by the negatives. Thankfully I have a choice as to what goes into my body and brain.

This past week my kids who are still social media consumers have kept me posted on the week's atrocities and plagues. After they brief me on what they are consuming I ask them one simple question "How does that make you feel?"

It never makes them feel good. I then remind them... you have a choice.

I stepped away from cable/dish tv in January of 2012. It was a splendid move. Currently I maintain subscriptions to Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO Now and Hulu. Today I am dropping Hulu.

I am a person who loves to exercise choice or what you could call freedom. With streaming services I have a choice as to what I watch. Propaganda? Not gonna watch it. Sensationalism? Not for me. Porn? Don't need it. Scary movies? I do real things everyday that are scary.

Another great opportunity for choice is the podcast format. I especially love how pods are not completely reliant on large commercial sponsors. Also the format allows plenty of time for discussion, investigation, analysis and feedback. Because they do not have to fit in a ton of commercial breaks. I plan to compose an entire blog entry soon on all the best pods I follow. You certainly will not want to miss that!

I encourage you to look at every aspect of your life. Your spiritual life, your diet, your friends, your family, your habits, your job, your relationships, your physical fitness/health, your finances, your business... then man up and make real choices. Don't be pushed around in any area. I do not mean to sound sanctimonious as to say I have completely mastered every segment of my life. For me all I can say is I am aware and damn sure trying!

Don't plan on glory for after you die. Plan for Glory Days today! Today is most glorious!

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