The age old question is it your genetics or your environment? With advances in genetic understanding I contend it is much more complicated and not an either/or question at all. When I took genetics as a biology undergrad in 1996 most of the actual genetic material we simply referred to as "junk DNA" because at that time it was perceived to have no actual use in the body. Subsequently we are finding this junk DNA can be turned on or off by our environment, helping to make us more adaptable or in some cases not! Its like a million years of evolution left some junk behind just in case we might need it, sort of hoarding at the molecular level.

With this new knowledge we need to change the paradigm and push back on blaming and excuse making. Whereas before we could say my genes just say I am to be fat... or I just don't have the will power... or I just don't have the discipline to exercise... etc. But now... what if a processed food diet turned some genes off and others on? What if a sedentary lifestyle altered our genetic expression? Its a combination of environment and genetics where the genes respond to the conditions. What if any possibility is inside us if it can just be turned on?

Instead of blaming or making excuses we have a choice to change the environment first. For example one can embark on a month long elimination diet... where all processed foods, liquid dairy, sugars etc are removed. This extreme can completely alter genetic expression after some time. In effect making you a different person! Indoors for you work all the time? Start spending lunch outside... get full sun everyday for an hour... your genes may respond! Live a sedentary lifestyle? Try working in a high intensity interval session a couple of times a week, these HIIT workouts can be as short as 5-7 minutes. But this period of intense work can change your genetic expression after a few weeks!

My point... and to me the exciting thing... is we are not a single, permanent, cast, being totally constrained by our genetics at the moment of conception... but indeed we contain within us an entire suite of contingency options given to us by a million ancestors. At any age and at any time we can effect our genetic expression for better or worse (it goes both ways!). Cancel the excuse making paradigm and embrace the field of epigenetics. But at the same time extend grace to yourself and others as we have been thrust into a totally foreign world full of processed foods, electronics, no sun, no hunting, no community etc... these modern extremes have certainly turned on/off genes!

Remember it is not your lack of genes or genetics! Quite the contrary! It is your overabundance of genetics given to you by a long line of survivors and warriors! You have been dealt an amazing hand. The creator was very clever by hiding the world's most valuable treasure in a place most would never think to look. The treasure is inside YOU! Look inside yourself, start believing and creating!

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