Fun With Drones

To continue growing and learning I recently added Part 107 FAA Commercial Drone Pilot to my existing commercial pilot's license. I am a few weeks into the drone world and it has been an adventure so far. I love to learn and there is plenty here to satisfy that hunger! Since I was already a commercial airplane pilot adding the drone certificate was not a huge deal, I simply needed to learn the additional information only pertinent to drones. But the real learning has been both in the flying and camera use.... mostly the latter!

I have been blown away with the technological capabilities of these new drones. I am flying a DJI Mavic 2 Pro bird and have been utilizing a couple of different apps to control the flight and set up missions. At this point I am most impressed with the Litchi app... with this app I can set up missions on my laptop and basically the drone can then fly the entire thing in the field with no inputs... and come back to land within 1cm of where it took off. It blows my mind every time!

Today I went in the field just to practice some more using both the DJI Go app and the Litchi app. In the vlog you can see how I prefer the DJI Go app when using active track. For some reason I cannot get the Litchi app to lock in on my subject? Conversely I like to use the Litchi app for the orbit mode. These are both simple settings and nothing overly technical but with practice I hope to lock in on other more appealing subjects!

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