Freedom on Hold

Here in Kansas Walmart, Target, Lowes, Home Depot and the grocery chains continue to be wide open with booming profits. No 50% capacity bullshit there, those places are packed elbows to assholes! While the Kansas governor just MANDATED... no exaggeration... that is exact wording....MANDATED the wearing of masks, even outside.

This for a cold virus which conservatively 99.4% of people exposed to survive. The actual survival rate is likely much higher.

Remember? Like 3 months ago "remember".... when we were told the "loss of freedoms" was essential and only temporary to prevent the overrun of hospitals? And we needed to stall for time to build like a gazillion respirators? Well we all sacrificed mightily for that. Many of my close friends/coworkers lost their jobs for that. My own job hangs by a thread.... My side hustle llc is bankrupt...

Can anyone tell me now in July why I am still getting back room secret haircuts and are being MANDATED to wear masks in a state like Kansas??? Is it to prevent the overrun of the Allen County Hospital? If so we are doing a damn good job as I went to the hospital to check it out last week... it looked like your everyday Kansas ghost town! Why would the Kansas governor want to continue imposing idiotic restraints on small businesses and mandating masks?

We have handed over our freedoms for a cold virus. I am absolutely ashamed of the total lack of leadership in the USA at all levels. Elected officials at all levels are not only useless but are complicit in taking our freedoms. Trump is only concerned with his tv ratings and rally attendance numbers. Biden doesn't know where he is or what day of the week we are on. At the local level in Kansas county commissioners sit on their hands and turn over everything to the statements of some non elected "health official". A health official with no clinical data. A health official who parrots what they are told.

We are given no reasons now or strategy for this all continuing. That is how far we have regressed in a short few months. Now they can MANDATE with no explanation. While death rates continue to decline rapidly the economic and personal hardships increase. Why? because its not about the death rates anymore... now it has shifted to the "infection rate". Has anyone else noticed this???

At this point, beyond protecting the elderly or immune compromised why are we doing anything to slow the infection rate? We know enough now about the virus to protect who is vulnerable. Why are we so concerned now with infection rates?

They talk about "rushing a vaccine into use", this sounds like a sure recipe for disaster. As if we could ever compose an effective vaccine for a mutating respiratory virus anyway? I think I will take my chances with the Covid.

Remember? Like 3 months ago remember.... when Fauci told us masks were no benefit and we should not wear them? Yeah that was a lie. But it was only a white lie as we needed to reserve all resources for the medical field where hospitals would be overrun with plague victims! Now not only are masks essential... but anyone spotted not wearing a mask is a selfish, evil bastard and should be punished! "They obviously don't care for their fellow citizens." Lets judge them as we ride our fatasses on electric scooters towing a grocery cart full of processed shit food and sugar waters.... while wearing our masks!!! IF YOU CARE ABOUT OTHERS TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR HEALTH...IMMEDIATELY. The absolute best way to tamp down infectious disease is to have a healthy population.... not a mask wearing population! We are going about this COMPLETELY BACKWARDS!

Masks and hand sanitizers do not build strong populations! The vulnerable can and probably should take these precautions, along with lessening any undue exposures... but it should not be mandated to all. Killing our economy and covering our individual faces from each other (isolation) is far more deadly than this virus! It should be our own freedom to choose... as if we are adults and can make reasonable decisions on our own!

Also why did a virus immediately go political? They should call this the election year bug. One side wants the economy to tank and people to be totally desperate for where next weeks groceries will come from...the other side wants to go back to a hot economy. One side wants oppressive lockdowns to continue until October... except if you are protesting racism.... that is not only safe but encouraged! While a Trump rally unleashes a deadly wave of infections! I call total bullshit on both sides!

In all of this social media has dove headfirst into the sewer. This past week I also broke the Natzi social media laws and was CENSORED for a comedic post. I NEVER DREAMED IN AMERICA I WOULD LIVE TO SEE THAT. The only time information needs to be censored is when something afoul is afoot. Look at every evil movement which precipitated war in history... some type of censorship preceded it. All evil movements are deeply rooted in "good", they all believe they are making the world a better place. Deep evil is always masked in good intentions. That's how they start... slowly at first, then they get out of control and many die before we can stop it. Obviously I will include the censored post on my website. I am so grateful to have my own website where I can post FREELY.

Immediately after reading my censored post warning on instagram, I opened the app to find a video of a naked woman twirking via the boomerang app. Now I love naked women... not all of them mind you... but none of them should be censored either. However the decision to censor a comedic worded post but not all the ass dropping videos does make one wonder? I do not recognize this society anymore.

Our only hope here in the USA, is for an immediate turn in direction... a dramatic change in leadership... not just the president but congress and state/county governments. Perhaps a strong Independent candidate will stand up soon? And others will follow. But I don't see it now. On the local level we need to see citizens standing up... we need our barbers and local businesses to open their shops to 100% with citizens rallying to their support. We need to hold a mask burning on the city square! OR at least a buy back program where the masks are collected and sent to the hospitals (you know, for when they become overrun). Why? Because we owe it to our ancestors and our children... we are supposed to be a FREE country. The ease and rapidity with which we gave up our freedoms, businesses, livelihoods, what we wear and how we travel is frightening. I pray it is just "Freedom on Hold" and not Freedoms Lost... but "celebrate July 4th if you wear a mask" just happened.

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