Florida Wins!

I write often of my home state Florida. It is perhaps the most unique state in the union for so many reasons... and it is supremely diverse in both cultures and habitats. Since I love people and wildlife it is a hard place to beat in my book.

Of course we have "Florida Man" and many other gaffes for the newsrooms but we also manage an incredibly complex state, community and natural ecosystem... I say this with some authority having lived overseas and in 4 states. In Kansas for example the ecosystem has been largely reduced to 3 plant species- corn, soy and wheat... and while very productive it is lacking greatly in ecological diversity... the Kansas culture is as simple and non-diverse as you can imagine while the input from other cultures either by direct visit or exchange is practically non-existent. This is not to beat up on Kansas as it too has great attributes but moreover to compare and contrast with Florida.

Having said all this it is also gratifying to see how well Florida has faired throughout the cold virus epidemic. Even with an aged population, high population density and huge influx of people all the time. How could Florida do so well in all of this? Certainly the answer is multi-causal. Even proximity to the sun is a factor... but for our state to have done so well is a bit of a mystery. Take a watch here for the latest hard data-

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