Excitement Builds!

Planning is underway for expansion of Nesting Post projects with TCEnergy. This past spring we were pleased to get 200 Nesting Post units in the field in northern Ohio. This despite all the craziness of 2020! Unfortunately due to Covid19 we were delayed in the deployment of those nesting boxes, getting them in the field about a month later than planned. However despite this late launch we were pleased to have birds use them in summer of 2020!

Expansion this fall proposes to deploy at least 250 more Nesting Posts by December 1st. Fall is definitely the best time of year to get these units up. Giving the birds plenty of time to check them out and develop their breeding territories in early spring. We are shooting to deploy at least 200 units in Kansas most likely in the Flint Hills region. Some of the birds we are likely to see using Nesting Post in Kansas are listed in this table-

We plan to continue monitoring Nesting Post units both in Ohio and Kansas this spring and will be very excited to see these in use! Here is a link to a recent write up to include videos of Nesting Post use this past summer in northern Ohio.

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