Diets Don't Work...

It's not just that diets don't work.... it's much worse. Our "systems" profit mightily from you being unhealthy. Big food and Big pharma work together in a synergistic way to make you weak and dependent on daily meds. Not to mention most "diets" profit from you being unsuccessful at dieting!

Big food combines 3 very cheap ingredients to fill the center of the grocery store with "heart healthy" labels. With an absolute goal of creating addicts to their concoctions. These 3 ingredients are vegetable oils, grains and sugar. 3 ingredients completely foreign to ancient humans and our DNA (for sugar its the quantity). 3 ingredients guaranteed to make you sick. Guaranteed to usher you into metabolic syndrome- diabetes, high blood pressure, inflammation, etc.

Big pharma and the "sick care system" then comes in with all manner of daily prescriptions and drugs which treat the syndrome symptoms but never cure! They will treat "cholesterol" but won't tell you why your body produces cholesterol.... making the average doctor no more than a street corner drug pusher. They will push insulin drugs but never the cure... type 2 diabetes is 100% curable. They will blame you for your lack of exercise and... not eating enough "heart healthy grains"!!!! It is never the fault of the sick care system or big food.... but always your laziness. You should exercise more! :) Or my favorite "You are eating too much salt!" What a ton of bullshit!

Again... I am not here to be your guru or to profit from you. But I love to share what is RIGHT, REAL, AND TRUTH. I am 100% prescription free and at the perfect body weight. I eat amazing foods everyday... I wear my 19 year old son out anytime we go on adventures... I am 51 and every bit as capable as when I was 21. My mind is clear and sharp. My body fat % and weight remains stable and exactly where I want it.

And.... its all very simple and EASY. Basics. Whole single ingredient foods.... sunlight... nature... family.... breathing....moving.... drinking water... and some coffee. THAT'S IT.

Quit the insanity and make your annual pictures look like you are ALIVE. Tell big food and big pharma and their Karens to go fuck themselves!

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